Little Miracle

A friend at school had a special picture on her phone today. She was sharing it with a lot of joy and happy laughter. She said the technician didn’t let her see it at first. “Did you want to know the sex?” she asked, “because if you look at this, there will be no doubt!”

“Yep, he did strike a perfect pose,” she giggled as she passed the picture around. She’s the mama of a little girl, now she gets to be the mama of a little boy, too.

Little miracle. And we got to share it!

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Celebrating a Long Weekend

I am celebrating the long weekend, with beautiful, spring-like weather, in February! I don’t have big plans, I am just grateful for a little time to relax. I am celebrating open windows letting fresh air in. I am celebrating getting online to register for AllWrite, coming up in June- using the free registration I won last year! I am celebrating my daughter and son-in-law dropping by to share ALL the wedding photos. I am celebrating another Sunday with my church family. I am celebrating time with my sister and great-nephew on Monday. I celebrate this weekly reflection on the moments that call for celebration.

And here’s a bonus… I celebrate bright eyes and smiles:



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I got a Valentine this morning. I was on breakfast duty, directing traffic at the cafeteria door as I do every morning. Kids were coming in hauling big bags of treats for their classes, and seemed already “sugared up” even though they were hours away from getting any of those treats. As the crowd thinned out after buses had arrived and the last few car riders were trickling in, a boy came by with just a bag of Charms pops. He stopped and opened the bag and handed one to me and said “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

He’s not one of “my” students, except as I claim all of our school’s students, but he often does some of his work in the room I share with another teacher. One day quite some time ago when he was working in the room, I gave him a compliment. He has never forgotten. He greets me with a smile, saying my name. (Many students walk right past my “Good mornings” as they head to breakfast.) And today, he gave me a Valentine. A green sour apple Charms pop. The first one out of the bag.

I was charmed.

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Celebrating Putting Kids First

This week was a marathon of trying to complete the WIDA ACCESS test with my 3rd-6th grade ELLs. We are mostly finished, but with many absences and various other interruptions, we will take a couple more days next week to finish.

As we were getting started in one session, getting everyone settled at their computers, passing out test tickets, etc., I kept hearing hic, hic, hiccup. A glance around identified the third grader trying to keep her hiccups quiet. She went out to get a drink of water, but to no avail. She was looking frustrated and more than a little embarrassed.  I asked her if she wanted to go back to class and take the test later.

Her relief was so visible. With a nod, she quietly slipped out of the room. A tiny smile replaced the look of embarrassment.

I celebrate that even under pressure to get a task done, there’s still room to notice and meet the needs of children at school, even a little one like that. By the way, the test we were starting was the speaking test, where the kids speak into a microphone to record their answers. It’s agonizing for the shy kids (like this particular girl). Imagine how she felt, thinking about doing it with the hiccups.

I celebrate that teachers can make a difference.

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Missing the Window

Do you ever get behind and miss your perfect window in the morning traffic for your drive to work? That’s what happened to me this morning. Actually, it started last night when I lost track of time while working on a project. I got to bed later than usual.It seemed like I had barely closed my eyes when the alarm went off this morning. So I hit the snooze alarm a time or two. I got ready to a chorus in my mind of hurry, hurry, hurry. Get going!

It rained last night, so the roads were wet and shiny. It was still misting- that light, light rain that spots up the windshield, then makes a smeary mess when you flick on the wipers. I knew it wasn’t going to be a great commute. I had to stop for a school bus and wait for an apartment complex of kids to get on. I hit red lights. The on ramp to the freeway was busy, and I had to squeeze in front of a semi. I was behind a sea of red lights that pulsed like waves as the traffic slowed and flowed, slowed and flowed. Going from the third lane in to the second lane in preparation for getting into the exit lane, a car from that outside lane tried to cross from the outside to the inside at the same time with no signal. It was a close call.

Off the freeway and on city streets, it was back to stopping for every red light. It gave me time to notice the flag rippling in the wind and a billboard I like that shows a family’s feet in colorful socks propped in front of a warm fire. For all my inward grumbling, I arrived at school in plenty of time. My drive this morning only took three minutes longer than usual.

Moral of the story: Enjoy your moments, don’t waste them fretting.



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Celebrating Laughter

This week I got together with some friends to celebrate the birthday of one of us. Plenty of laughter was shared. We had such a good time just being together. We don’t have carefree lives. Some of us have big burdens to bear. But friendship and laughter lightens the load. And reminds us of all we have to celebrate!

I spread that laughter all around this week. I took a picture of the funny birthday card I found for my friend and shared with everyone I came across who seemed to need a laugh. I hope it makes you laugh, too.



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Testing Blues

Late writing, because the testing blues stole my words yesterday. After testing or proctoring  9 classes last week in Language Arts, we are in the middle of the same 9 classes in math this week. Each of those tests take 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete. Next week we will be giving our English language proficiency test. I will be testing students every day, all day. It will go into the next week if there are any make-ups. I just hope I rediscover my words…

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