What kind of rhyme?

This morning as I drove to school, I passed a truck and noticed the company name… Otto’s Parking Marking. What do you think? A case of a rhyme gone wrong or a smart way to get customers remember the business? I couldn’t decide…

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Be Still

A soft breeze and
The crescent moon
Catch my attention and
Make me pause to be
Present in the moment

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Nursing Home Conversation

Momma(95): Can you look in that drawer and get me a tube of lipstick? I need a new one.

Daughter(60 something): Looks puzzled, then brightens- You mean chapstick?

Momma: nods, grunts

Daughter: Here it is…

Momma: That’s not what I need!

Daughter: But you just said…

Momma: Toothpaste… I meant tube of toothpaste… Starts laughing

Daughter: Belly laugh …At least we kept it all in the mouth…

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Burst of Color, Burst of Joy


Spring trees blossom quickly
One day branches are bare
The next dotted with buds
Then little green leaves appear
And suddenly, a burst of color

It happens year after year
Still, it is a happy surprise
An ordinary miracle-
An extraordinary little
Burst of joy

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Notre Dame

Beauty is burning
Crowds gather- watch, sing, mourn, pray-
Resolve to rebuild

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

A nation’s sorrow
Now visible
Never forget
So great a sorrow

Inspired by Laura Purdie Salas (15 Words or Less)

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Welcome Little One

Not an easy entrance
But with a little grace

Not expected so soon
But with a little grace

Not home yet
But with a little grace

Last week I got the news that my niece, who was expecting her second child in June, was admitted to the hospital. It was likely she would be there, on strict bed rest, until the birth of the baby. We didn’t know it would be so soon. On Sunday, the doctor decided it was time to deliver the baby, even though it was ten weeks early. Waiting would be dangerous for the health of mother and baby. At 11:03 the sweet baby was born, weighing 3 pounds 10 ounces and 16 inches long. She will spend weeks in the NICU, but she is breathing on her own, has 10 little fingers and 10 little toes- perfect. Her mama is doing well, too. Her family can hardly wait to see her. By the way, her middle name is Grace.

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