Fifteen years ago, this date was Good Friday.
Fifteen years ago, love trembled in the air.
Fifteen years ago, treasured words were spoken.
Fifteen years ago, sweet embraces were shared.
Fifteen years ago, a battle was lost.
Fifteen years ago, countless tears were shed.
Fifteen years ago, a victory was won.
Fifteen years ago, we sang Amazing Grace.
Fifteen years ago, we began missing you.
And we still do.

In loving memory, JWA,
December 1952- April 2000

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ABC Poem

Lonely tonight
Melancholy heart
Nostalgic and wistful
Only me, myself, and I

Sometimes I still yearn for the past.

ABC Poem: A poem that creates a moood, picture, or feeling.The first four lines have a word, words or phrases that begin with letters in alphabetical order. The fifth line is a sentence beginning with any letter.

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After the drenching, cleansing rain
the birds felt the call to evensong

Perched on dripping branches,
they joyfully sang

Sitting atop the glistening roof peaks,
they trilled and whistled

Standing on wet fence posts,
they warbled and tweeted

Hopping along the soaked ground,
they chirped and peeped

Listening to their symphony,
I, too, lifted my prayers

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Daffodils poke through the brown,
Frilly little cups serving sunshine and spring.

This poem was originally written and posted in April, 2013. After Wednesday’s day of sunshine and yesterday’s rain, my daffodils made their appearance again. I’m celebrating!

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Spring Cinquain


Gray clouds hang low

Raindrops ready to fall

Yesterday bright sunshine beamed down

It’s Spring

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April Fools

My daughter is a trickster
She loves to laugh

She plotted at night
While I slept

She made an invisible wall
To block the bedroom door

I didn’t hear a thing
When she attached the Saran Wrap

But I ran SMACK! into it
As I walked out the door

I was quite confused
She was quite amused

She shook with laughter
Still she caught it on video

And together we laughed
Over and over at the April Fools

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Mom’s Things 3

Here are some more of Mom’s things I am writing about to keep the memories:

Shaker and Funnel

When Mom was a young bride in the 1950’s she didn’t know a lot about cooking or baking. That changed and she became a great cook and baker. These are a few of her tools of the trade.

Every good baker of that era knew that to make baked goods, you started by sifting the flour. I especially remember at holidays when Mom would make dozens and dozens of cookies watching the flour drift out of the bottom of the sifter into the bowl like soft snow. It was one of the tasks I first was allowed to help with in the kitchen, too.

When I was young, Mom would make a heart-shaped cake on Valentine’s Day. She used a recipe on the Hershey’s cocoa can. She made homemade frosting, too. I doubt my brothers and sister remember this. I am not sure when or why she stopped the tradition. Maybe convenience of boxed cakes…

Mom used the funnel for a life-long habit- she would pour off and save the grease whenever she fried bacon. She kept a jar in the refrigerator with her bacon grease. It was used to flavor green beans- both the ordinary canned beans from the store or the fresh green beans and red potatoes she loved to cook in a big pot. Her favorite green beans were half runners, which she said her dad always planted in his garden. He was a farmer, and she trusted his word on the best garden produce. Another use for the bacon grease was making wilted greens. She would also sometimes melt a little bacon grease in her iron skillet when she baked cornbread in it. And, of course, the best fried eggs were cooked in a little bacon grease.

Mom was a master at making gravy. She would put flour, salt, and a little milk in the shaker. She would stir that into the drippings from the meat she had prepared and cook it until it “looked right” and then stir in the rest of the liquid for the gravy. Her most famous gravy went with her pot roast, which she always cooked with potatoes and carrots. We loved to smash the potatoes (and some of us, the carrots, too) with a fork and pour gravy over them. Another favorite was plain white bread with gravy on top- “gravy bread.”

The shaker and funnel live on my kitchen window sill now. It gives me a lot of comfort to see them there.

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