Memory (slice2)

This morning a friend mentioned a brother-in-law who was just told he has pre-cancerous cells in his esophagus, and it replays in my mind. That moment. A doctor’s office in Lima, Peru. My husband on an examining table. A little glass vial with a spot of pink tissue floating in clear liquid. The tube hidden from view- too late.  I had seen it and I KNEW. In that moment, when I saw that tiny bit of pink, I KNEW.

That moment, it turned out, was a moment of truth. Bill had cancer of the esophagus. We had a limited amount of moments left.

I tell my friend her brother-in-law needs to take his doctor’s warning seriously. I can’t tell her about that moment.

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5 Responses to Memory (slice2)

  1. Your brief words speak volumes! I am alarmed and saddened. They evoke questions that I don’t know how to mention. Powerful.

  2. Dana says:

    What a beautiful writing about such a tragic moment. You took my breath away. I am so sorry.

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