Kaboom! (slice 4)

I was at my mom’s this afternoon. My almost-80-year old mom was cooking dinner for me, my brother and sister-in-law, my two nieces and nephew (it was not a big special occasion, but the nieces were both home for spring break from college, and she had tried to get my other brother and his family, and my sister there, too).  With Mom, it is never just an ordinary meal; she loves us through her cooking.  I spent some time chatting with her, but there comes a moment when it is best to leave her alone in her kitchen. I had moved into the family room and was reading a few pages from the book she currently has going when I was jarred by what sounded like a bomb going off in the kitchen. Rushing back in, I saw shards of amber glass scattered over the counters and floor. And Mom, with a paper towel wrapped around one hand, telling me it was just a little cut, get the broom and sweep the glass out of her way so she could finish frying the eggplant. So I swept and the story came out- without realizing the burner was still on, Mom had put a pyrex dish lined with paper towels on it to put the eggplant in. When she noticed the paper towel starting to burn, she grabbed a potholder and set the dish on the counter near the sink, and it landed on a couple of drops of water, which shattered the glass dish, cutting her finger. As I continued to sweep, she continued to fry. She berated herself for doing something so careless…I reassured her it was a bizarre accident that could have happened to anyone. She burned the next batch of eggplant…there was more talk about getting old and not doing things right. She let me look at her finger, and we agreed it was not a deep cut and should be OK. She finished dinner, my brother and his family arrived, and we all ate dinner. There was a lively retelling of the story, another inspection of the cut…and Mom left us cleaning the kitchen while she headed out to her part-time job!

P.S. I will be checking on Mom when she gets home tonight and we’ll be heading to Medcheck if there if any sign whatsoever of swelling. pain or infection in that cut. Today could have been so much worse (that broken glass was so hot pieces of it melted and stuck to fibers in the rug- what if the glass had exploded into her face?!) …I am mostly convinced it really was just a freak accident, but there’s worry lurking in the back of my mind. We need to be alert if there are any more accidents like this.

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4 Responses to Kaboom! (slice 4)

  1. Becky says:

    Your story has the beginnings of a family gathering on a typical day, then your expressions of concern become very apparent.
    This is a hard time in life when we have to watch over those who used to watch over us. Hope all is well.

  2. Ellen says:

    That is scary! I’m so glad she is not seriously hurt. And then off to a job? Wow – what a woman. There is a tension in your writing that reflects your worry for her. Hope all works out.

  3. I got goosebumps while reading your story! Your mom sounds like an amazing woman. While there may be truth in her growing less alert due to age, there is also truth in a freak accident like that being likely to happen to any of us. Regardless, I am glad you are all remaining alert. Part-time job?? Your mom certainly sounds quite lucid. My favorite line is: she loves us through her cooking. She is one incredible lady!

    • newtreemom says:

      She really is something! I’ll probably have other writings about her this month. Her doctor gave her a tetanus shot today. Talked to two colleagues at school today- mom of one is 89, and she fell and got her leg all scraped up yesterday- told my friend, I can get up and when she tried to get her mom to go in and change clothes, brushed herself off and said, no, we’re going to church- it’s a tough generation that preceded us! My other friend’s dad is 83…she said I think I’ll be calling him tonight…

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