You’ll Thank Me For This (slice 5)

My sister has always been a horse lover. For the last ten years, she’s shared that love with my daughter. My daughter has had a horse boarded with my sister’s horses since she was so young she thought a pink pooper scooper was cute, though she wasn’t much use actually scooping any poop, until now when my sister actually depends on her for real help with the chores on the weekends. Yesterday they were out at the barn taking care of stalls and feeding. Miranda was working in the barn when Sue called out for help. Miranda comes running out. She sees Sue and stops. “Wait a minute,” she says, “you’ll thank me for this!” And she pulls her cell phone out of her pocket and makes a video of my sister, who was stuck in the mud up to her knees!

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4 Responses to You’ll Thank Me For This (slice 5)

  1. JenniferM says:

    Hahaha, what an entertaining slice! I liked how we didn’t find out what was funny until the very end — kept me guessing!

  2. sprice says:

    Short abd sweet. The ending makes this fun! Thanks for sharing! I wondered what we would thank her for? Happy Slicing! 🙂

  3. Your daughter sounds like she is too charming to actually be angry with her! How funny!

  4. Lennye says:

    Still laughing and remembering all our moments mucking stalls and being in mud up to our knees!

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