“More! More!” they said. (slice 9)

In reading so many posts from so many teachers, I have been finding some good ideas for the classroom. I tried one out today, and it was a big hit! I am an ESL teacher. This year I have been “pushing in” and working with whole classes some. In one 4th grade class, we have been writing. We finished ISTEP today, so we wanted to do some fun writing. We tried out Power Write from Jeff
Anderson’s 10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know. (You can preview the book at Stenhouse Publishers online.) You start with 2 words on the board, pick 1, and then write like crazy for 1 minute. Do 3 rounds, counting and charting the number of words each time. Students saw immediate feedback, and they noticed how the word counts went up a little more each time. Authors who wanted to stood and shared their best effort. Everyone was clamoring for one more round when we stopped after the third round! (I’m banking the excitement for future practice as we continue to use this to build our writing muscles.)

Our words were: Round 1- fruit, avoid; Round 2- basketball, sadly; Round 3- hurry, excited. Here is a sampling of their 1-minute writes:

Once upon a time there was an orange that had some fruit friends. He met an old man and got ate by him. Then a pickle ate the old man.

I only have 4 words to say: I stink at basketball!

I am so excited for the weekend.

Basketball makes your heart beat. It is great exercise, and good for your body.

Hurry! We run out the door so we can make it to the coolest thing in the world- Monster Jam!

I really like fruit. It is very tasty. I like bananas, apples, oranges and grapes. They are like a fruit waterfall.

Wonderful way to end a week of too much testing!



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3 Responses to “More! More!” they said. (slice 9)

  1. Janet says:

    This sounds like so much fun. I do something similar, but I use paint chips. I think its from Natalie Goldberg’s “Writing Down the Bones,” but don’t quote me on that. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when the kids don’t want to stop. I’m gonna try this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. margaretsmn says:

    This sounds like fun. I’ll try it. My students are gifted, and this Slice of Life challenge is just what they needed. Even my reluctant writer came in and immediately wrote today, with no prompting at all. He wrote a poem about Friday. See it on the class wikispace: http://gtallstars.wikispaces.com/Slice+of+Life+7
    I am loving this community of blogging and sharing. Thanks for your post.

  3. Tam says:

    What a clever, fun way to get the kids to write after a grueling question, answer day.

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