The Class Treasure (slice 8)

The kids in Room 18 are very lucky. They have a great teacher- my friend Nancy. But other rooms in our school have great teachers, too (also my friends). The shelf by the windows is filled with a jungle of green plants. Other rooms around the school have plants, too- (though not as many as Room 18). The kids in Room 18 have a lunch club- when they get enough punches, Nancy brings them lunch from their choice of Subway, Burger King, Taco Bell or McDonald’s . You can find other teachers in the building who have special rewards in their rooms, too (though it’s hard to beat fast food and lunch with your teacher and friends in the classroom instead of the cafeteria). But the one thing Room 18 has that no other room has is their own class grandma. Grandma comes to school nearly every day with Nancy (Grandma is Nancy’s 88 year-old mother). She has her own work area and is busy throughout the day.  She is often the one who punches your card when you earn a punch.  She has a special magnifying glass that she uses to check spelling and math worksheets. But the treasure she brings to the class is not in these activities, though they are important contributions. Grandma is probably the oldest person many of the kids know. From her, without even knowing it is a lesson, they are learning what it is to age gracefully and how we need older, wiser people in our lives. Her calm, quiet presence is a steadying influence. The kids sense she cares about them, and they respond with caring. Grandma’s treasure is, well, grandmothering.  A kid could never have too many grandmas.

This year’s Room 18 kids are lucky…what about next year’s? Nancy and Grandma are retiring at the end of this school year…

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3 Responses to The Class Treasure (slice 8)

  1. Joni Boggs says:

    Seeing a vibrant older human can be one of the most powerful images in the student’s day. Wouldn’t it be great if every school had an older mentor who roamed the corridors just “being there” for the students?

  2. caroline524 says:

    Those kids are truly lucky to have grandma in the room. Too bad other children won’t have the experience after they retire.

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