Random Sayings (slice 13)

A collection of sayings I have heard, in no particular order…and with no claim to originality, only that they were trademark sayings of people I have known…

“Close that door! You’ll let my pet flies out!” (My dad to my son, who believed it…)

“Don’t sew on Sunday, or you’ll root out every stitch with your nose in heaven.” (My grandmother, as reported by my mother…never got to hear it firsthand, since Grandma was too old and I too young when she died…Mom was the youngest of 11)

“Get busy! This ain’t no resort! I didn’t take you to raise!” (The top sergeant in the aircraft radio shop my husband worked in when he was in the Air Force…the same one who sold us a car for a dollar and later spent the day reparing it when  some major part needed replacing, and the only pay he’d take was a plate of brownies.)

Upon handing you a teabag out of the blue, “Always keep a tea bag in your pocket. Then when you get in hot water, you can drink your way out of it.” (A pastor friend who always had something funny to say, who, after he lost his wife suddenly and unexpectedly, reinvented himself and started singing in the choir in his seventies.)

“It’s my neighborhood, and I’ve got to protect it!” (My son at 10, dressed in his BDU’s-Army camoflage “Battle Dress Uniform” and armed with his Super-Soaker. He was an Army brat, living in Army housing- my husband was an Army chaplain. He grew up to be a Marine. Semper Fi!)

I hold my hand, Mom-mom!” (My Little Miss Independent daughter, clasping her little hands together, after being told to hold my hand in a busy parking lot. A sign of things to come…a pre-schooler then, high school senior now,  steadily growing toward independence through the years, usually a bit too soon for this mom.)

“I love you.” (Sweetest words of all, whoever they come from.)






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7 Responses to Random Sayings (slice 13)

  1. Tam says:

    Some new sayings for me. The tea bag one is terrific and of course, “I love you.” Children grow way too fast, but they are still your “children” even when they grow up.

  2. Love the sayings. You really have me thinking. This is such a wonderful idea. Hope you don’t mind but I may use it for a future slice.

  3. the other ruth says:

    This is one of the most interesting things I’ve read recently. I love knowing where these sayings came from and began to wonder what little sayings are tucked in my head from my own friends and family.

  4. Chris says:

    These are some great sayings! Makes me think about some of the silly things my kids have caught me saying when I’m mad, like “Keep your hands to your feet!”

  5. What an interesting idea. Words do stick with us. I can just see your young daughter’s face as she “I hold my hand, Mom-Mom!” Thanks for sharing and I am tucking a teabag in my pocket( just in case). 🙂

  6. arlsvera says:

    The last saying was my favorite! Oh, the desire of the young ones to be independent!

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