Family Portrait (slice 22)

Five photos by Olan Mills in a long narrow frame have a story to tell.

Frame 1-Dad looks handsome in suit and tie, with a winning smile on his face. Mom’s smile looks pasted on, though her outfit is pleasingly color-coordinated to her family and her pearl earrings look classy. Little Sister scowls, and she has her arms crossed across her chest, a contrast to the sweet dress she is wearing. Teen Brother has a typical “I’m bored” look, though he is quite good-looking in his shirt and tie.

Frame 2-Dad again looks handsome, has a winning smile. Mom’s smile is more natural. Little Sister is looking down at something more interesting than the photographer who was trying to keep her attention. Teen Brother’s mouth is a straight slash, but his head is tilted in that “I’m cool” slant.

Frame 3- Dad is still handsome and smiling. Mom is back to the pasted on smile, caught glancing down to see what Little Sister is up to now. Little Sister looks stares blankly, her mouth a straight slash to match Teen Brother’s. He now stands stiff, with a look that asks “Will this ever end?”

Frame 4- Dad continues to be handsome, still displaying that winning smile. Mom found her natural smile again. Little Sister, however, now scowls. Teen Brother is back in head tilt mode.

Frame 5- As ever, Dad is handsome with  his winning smile. Mom has a natural, pleasant smile. Little Sister has a somewhat crooked, but totally cute  smile. Teen Brother has relaxed and managed just a hint of a smile. Perfect family portrait!

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2 Responses to Family Portrait (slice 22)

  1. A photo tells a story and wonderful to hear your thoughts!

  2. I love looking at old photos…I might go through some of my old photos tomorrow to conjure up some writing inspiration. Great idea! I like the way you’ve used the Frames with the explanation of each photo, quite humorous.

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