Storms (slice 23)

Tonight storms are rolling in

I hear the rumble coming closer

Raindrops begin to beat the roof

I remember


I stand on the porch with Dad

We watch the dark clouds

Lightning cracks the sky open

I remember


I face storms in life

Cleansing rains come

And streaks of light

I will remember

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4 Responses to Storms (slice 23)

  1. Chris says:

    Neat poem! I like the “cleansing rains come and streaks of light.”

  2. mrssurridge says:

    Reminds me of summer storms where we would sneak downstairs at midnight, pull up a chair next to the front windows and watch the show all alone…until the next huge lightning strike when we realized the whole family was lined up in chairs! Storms are meant to be watched with someone else–even if it’s a life storm. Loved the poem!

  3. Wendi says:

    Storms make me remember, too. “Crack the sky open.” “Cleansing rains.” Love these!

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