Fear of Yard Work (slice 24)

The unusually mild winter has brought us an early spring. It is joyful to see everything greening up- the early leaves of the season are the greenest green. Yellow daffodils  first popped open cheerily, and now I am seeing pinks and purples appear, too. I love spring and the beauty of growing things.

I love flowers a lot. I have a lovely front porch, and my daughter and I often carry our dinner to a small table on the porch to dine outdoors on warm evenings. We will enjoy the flower bed around the porch…once the weeding and mulching is done, our annuals planted and perennials coming up- we will have lots of beautiful blooms throughout spring and summer.

But the fear lurks. The past two years yardwork has led to poison ivy. Not just a little itchy nuisance, but a full-blown weepy rash that required a trip to the doctor, a shot, pills, and a prescription ointment to tame. The first time I was caught unaware, had not even noticed any poison ivy mixed in with my plants. The second time, I thought I was prepared, armed against it, but it happened again.

So as yard work season has begun, and the weeds have already made a strong appearance, I dread the battle. I looked it up on the internet and found an article: 9 Steps to Getting Rid of Poison Ivy.  Step 9 says “these steps may need to be repeated several years.” Nine steps, repeated several years!!! I face an enemy- an alarming, awful, dreadful, daunting, formiddable, and fearsome enemy in my own front yard!!


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5 Responses to Fear of Yard Work (slice 24)

  1. May you be victorious in your battle!

  2. Dana says:

    Oh, I am just itching all over now. Ick ick ick. I once had poison ivy and fleas (yes you heard me right) at the same time and had them both for 2 months as I was in another country and no one could figure out how to help me. itchy itchy itchy itchy. I feel for you!

  3. Ramona says:

    I love your description of everything greening up and the flower bed around the porch. I’m sorry for the enemy lurking in those beds you love.

  4. margaretsmn says:

    My fear is of wasps. Apparently the more times you are stung, the more allergic you become to the sting. I actually had a wasp chase me once. Here’s hoping you have an itchless and safe spring cleaning.

    • newtreemom says:

      I am not a fan of wasps, either! I remember a childhood picnic at a lake. Swinging on an old swingset there, I stirred up a wasp’s nest and got stung on the top of the head. My dad and his friend tore apart their cigarettes and wet the tobacco and plastered it on my head. Yuck! But it did help stop the stinging.

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