Right now I am…

After discovering the “Right now I am…” format in Terje’s Slice of Life last Tuesday, I tried it out with some fourth graders. I wrote a mentor text with helpful suggestions from the class first:

Right now I am…

  • Anticipating the first day of summer vacation
  • Appreciating the last few days of the school year
  • Wishing my daughter and I would go to Holiday World this summer like we did when she was little
  • Wondering what it is going to be like when she goes away to college
  • HOPING we will both enjoy the new life

The class enjoyed doing this, because they have heard about my daughter throughout our writing together this year and they guessed “like we did when she was little” and “when she goes away to college” before I wrote it. They were quite pleased with themselves! On the last line, though, they were puzzled, because they were sure it was supposed to be about enjoying the amusement park!

After this text was finished and re-read, then we had a brainstorming session to list some strong verbs that they might use when they wrote their own “Right now I am…” Then everyone started writing. Below are some of their writings:

Right Now I Am…

  • LOOKING FORWARD to my summer vacation
  • WISHING to go to Mexico
  • WAITING for a response from my mom
  • THINKING of the times I spent in Mexico when I was little
  • DREAMING of going back to the old days                        LYNDSAY
  • THINKING about what I will do for summer break
  • WISHING for a great summer
  • WONDERING how the summer will turn out
  • HOPING for a wonderful summer
  • LOVING the last days of school until summer
  • APPRECIATING my teachers for all they’ve done…and I will still appreciate them over the summer…  JARED
  • Anticipating lunch in 30 minutes…
  • Waiting for it to be my turn…
  • Laughing over all the food we will have…
  • Lookng forward to reading this writing to the class…
  • Jumping with anticipation…even my skull is jumping!            Elijah
  • Hoping summer vacation would come faster since it’s the last two weeks of school
  • Anticipating the last day of school even though I will miss my fellow classmates
  • Wishing to go to Great America with my mom, dad, sister, and brother
  • Wondering every summer day how did I make it to the fifth grade… (with the help of my family and Ms. Stubblefield)
  • Appreciating my family for all they’ve done for me… (Thank you! I ♥ my family!)   Jullijah
  • LIVING because God blesses me
  • EXPERIENCING a new school
  • CONCENTRATING on my writing assignment
  • ENCOURAGING my classmates to do their best
  • CHEERING myself on to go to college
  • PRAYING  for everybody in the world     TA’LHEYA
  • ANTICIPATING the summer and getting my new pet bunny
  • APPRECIATING my bunny Fluffy (I met her at the pet store- she is really soft, furry, and cute-  that is why I named her Fluffy)
  • WONDERING when I am going to get Fluffy
  • HOPING I get her soon, I miss her so much now
  • FEELING happy about my furry little bunny   LEXXY
  • WONDERING if I got a Pass+ on my ISTEP+ score
  • LOOKING FORWARD to the 5th grade
  • APPRECIATING what Ms. Stubblefield taught me this year
  • WRITING with an awesome teacher, with Mrs. Anderson
  • EXPERIENCING the love that teachers have given us this year   EDWIN
  • Blowing bubbles under water
  • Watching a boat above
  • Feeling the cold water rush past me
  • Eating food I could find underwater
  • Pretending I am a fish…   CAMERON
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8 Responses to Right now I am…

  1. JenniferM says:

    Those are awesome! Way to go, 4th grade writers! (Lynsay’s made my stomach drop — it was so poignant and full of nostalgia! And I was totally puzzled by Cameron’s until I got to the last line — great surprise!)

    • newtreemom says:

      I loved Lyndsay’s writing, too. The format gave her freedom to express such deep feelings. I think this is the first time her voice has come through so clearly in her writing. And Cameron, you can always count on him to come up with a different point of view, especially if he can write about animals!

  2. This is the most exciting thing to me that you were inspired by Terje and you in turn inspired your fourth grade authors. I am in my first week of vacation and you have me thinking already about what the new school year can hold. I wonder what the “firsties” can come up with using this format.

    • newtreemom says:

      I’m sure the “firsties” will come up with something surprising! Isn’t it funny, as soon as one school year ends, hardly any time passes until we start thinking about the next! The great thing is, there are always new ideas.

  3. margaretsmn says:

    Thanks for sharing your writing, your thoughts, and your students with us. I want to blow bubbles and act like a fish, too. I think this will be a great exercise for the beginning of school which is getting closer by the minute. Happy Summer!

  4. Amy Rudd says:

    I love the ones you shared from the kids. Especially cameron’s blowing bubbles under water- he was really thinking about perspective here…

  5. Dana says:

    What a great format! (A student wrote appreciating teachers… have to love that!)

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