Reflecting on the End of the Year

It is here…the end of our school year. Today is the last day for students to attend, tomorrow is the last teacher work day. The annual frenzy of field trips is over. Awards were handed out on Honors Day. The kindergarteners and sixth graders “graduated.”  The last of the paperwork is sorted and ready to be filed. The custodian has come by to give directions for  “packing up” the room.  I’m recruiting  some helpers to finish that off. Someone will give the chalkboard one last wash. (Probably me!)

As the tasks are completed, at last there will be time to reflect, to take a look back and a look forward. What makes me smile to remember? What makes me sad to remember? How did I grow? How did students grow? What worked? What did not? What new ideas do I want to try? What did I discover this year that is worth repeating?  How will I meet the challenge of changes I already know are taking place next year?

The questions swirl in my mind. I can see lists growing, journal entries, anecdotes and maybe even poetry being written, and plans being formed. Even as this year is barely ended, the questions propel me right into the next. With teaching, the future is always full of promise.

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6 Responses to Reflecting on the End of the Year

  1. Terje says:

    We had our last day last Friday. The thoughts and questions are still swirling in my mind, waiting for me to sit down and write. I am hoping to clear my mind and set school aside for a while before planning for next year. I hope that you will enjoy the summer and gather energy for next school year.

  2. What a thoughtful list of questions that I want to reflect through as well. I am energized this year as I enter my second week of summer vacation I am thinking about the new school year, too. That will be my 32nd year (amazing) of teaching with no thoughts(at the moment) of retiring. For me teaching is a work of the heart and who can get enough love? Yes the future is full of promise!

  3. margaretsmn says:

    “With teaching the future is always full of promise.” I am enjoying hanging out with fellow teachers who feel this way, who are excited about reflection, and who see the world of children as full of new life. Thanks for letting me hang out with you.

  4. Amy Rudd says:

    “The future is always full of promise”…that is a great positive way to look forward to the future. I am finishing up this week too. Tomorrow is really our last day to work as coaches…like you, the questions are already swirling…with a sense of hope!

  5. Donna Smith says:

    My first full year of retirement has been completed as of tomorrow. I still work with teachers on recertification so have seen the hustle and bustle of the ending of school. I miss the reflection time but not the packing up! Loved teaching, but love watching now, and taking care of business I missed out on. Have a wonderful, restful summer.

  6. Thanks for your story of the ‘heart’ cookies on my blog. I too love ‘the future is always full of promise’ & suspect that is what keeps teachers returning year after year. I always start thinking about what’s next weeks before the school year ends, making plans, new & reflecting about what worked during the year & what did not. Your post poses good questions. Thank you!

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