The Painting

Blue background, with a hint of light. Clay pot. Daisies and blue flowers. A shadow. A fallen daisy in the shadow. Artist’s signature and date in the corner. Such a simple painting. So many memories.

Married student housing at our college was a long, low building with a string of a dozen apartments. Each had a combination living/bedroom, a tiny kitchen and a tinier bathroom, and shared thin walls with the connected apartments. To say you were close to your neighbors was an understatement. So we became friends with our next door neighbors. There wasn’t much in the budget for entertainment, so the weekly card game and popcorn went back and forth between our place and theirs. We shared the ups and downs of  college life and dreams of the future around the kitchen table.

Ken was an art major. Ken and Deb’s walls were decorated with canvases he had painted. We always admired them. For graduation, we decided to ask Ken to paint one for us.  We paid him a ridiculously low commission. When our family came for graduation, the unframed canvas hung on the wall as we crowded into the apartment to celebrate. Later, we had the painting framed with money we got for gifts.

In more than three decades since, the painting has hung on many walls. With each move, we felt the new place was home when we put our painting on the wall. First, it reminded us of the simple joys of friendship. Then, every time it was hung, new memories got attached.

Unsentimental souls would say something new should be hung on the wall. My sentimental heart knows nothing could look better than so many memories.

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5 Responses to The Painting

  1. Jaana says:

    I love paintings or pictures that I can look at and remember! What a treasure!

  2. Elsie says:

    What a lovely story to go with that special painting. New is not always the best, especially when you gaze on it and you can relive so many memories.

  3. Dana says:

    That is such a unique and special story.What family history/stories to carry forward through an object. I wonder if Ken knows you still hang this painting and how much it means to you?

  4. JenniferM says:

    What a special decoration! Are you still in touch with Ken? I feel like you could write another neat slice about this — from the painting’s point of view! What all has it seen as it’s hung on those different walls? 🙂

  5. Your sentimental heart is faithful and true, and the painting has beauty that can be felt as well as seen. Thank you for sharing.

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