No More

No more muddy paws!
The sign brazenly proclaims…
Artificial grass for your lawn!

Isn’t that like
No more slobbery kisses
And no more doggy breath?

Isn’t that like
No more crazy excited
Happy dance welcome?

Isn’t that like
No more wet nose nudging you,
Begging to go out for a walk?

Wouldn’t that be like
Only ever hugging a stuffed animal,
And never the real thing?

No more muddy paws!
As if that were a good thing…
Would you really want it that way?

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14 Responses to No More

  1. Dana says:

    Love the questions/pondering. The 2nd and 4th stanzas were my favorites. I smiled at the end because NO I wouldn’t want that. I want slobbery kisses even if they come with doggy breath. 😉 Life is messy.

  2. Interesting food for thought! Artificial is just what it is intended to be. If I had a dog that I loved so much, I would never want it that way…

  3. I used to dream of paving the lawn and painting it green – but I’ve never wanted to rid the world of slobbery kisses or real love.

  4. Is that really a reason to get an artificial lawn? That takes the joy out of life for sure! You raised some thoughtful questions that made me smile for the joy in your scenarios. It’s the perfect form of writing to make the reader do some reflecting.

  5. margaretsmn says:

    I love how you made the billboard into a poem. What a great writing prompt! Could I drive around town and take pictures of billboards?
    I, too, love my cuddly pooch despite nappy hair that needs brushing and paws that need wiping. Isn’t that what love is all about?

  6. What a good way to push me into some deeper reflection. First off I am an animal lover with a dog and cats. They are a MESS to be sure but so worth it for the joy they bring into my daily life. Next I started thinking about other things in life that are, also, messy but so worth the joy. Which is just about everything worthwhile.

  7. JenniferM says:

    Very cute poem — I love how you took the ad’s supposed “benefit” and turned it around into a reflection of how you love your dog! As others have said, a good reminder that most of what’s good in life is “messy”!

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  9. Bev says:

    What a great response to the artificial grass! Love yourpoem!

  10. I love that you used a billboard advertisement to create your poem. How many things are in our environment that can spur writing? Your love of dogs comes through in your questions. Very nice!

  11. mardie says:

    I really loved the form of this poem, the suggestion, the questioning, the critiquing. I so agree with the premise – muddy paws must prevail! But also, my teacher brain thought this would be such a good way to introduce a lesson on critical thinking in advertising or persuasion.

  12. Great idea to respond to a billboard, but what I say is there may not be muddy paws, but what happens when they go to the bathroom in the fake grass-ewgh! How to clean that up is the big question! Teriffic poem!

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