The Choice


Unwanted, unwelcome

Invades my mind

Breaking into my thoughts

Filling my heart with fears

Clouding my vision of the world

Stealing the joy of the present moment

Tarnishing my hopes and dreams for the future


Sought, Received

Floods my soul

Calming my troubled thoughts

Letting me face the fears

Clarifying my world view with Truth

Renewing joy in each slice of life

Illuminating the choice to hope and to believe

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8 Responses to The Choice

  1. This is such a familiar journey through some days with so many worrisome distractions. “Clarifying my world view with Truth.” Amen!

  2. pamelahodges says:

    Illuminating the choice to hope and to believe

    Thank you for sharing your feelings of worry.
    And thank you for the reminder, that I have choices.
    I choose to hope and believe.

  3. Bonnie K says:

    What a powerful piece of writing. I just hope the message turns around…

  4. YOur last line – “the choice to hope” is so important – you are assuring yourself and all of us that there will be better days ahead.

  5. Lovely. I agree – we focus so much on the negative that it is important to remember the positives. Hope is a choice.

  6. Amy Rudd says:

    I agree with Anita and Maria, hope is a choice…try not to worry…

  7. Worry is an invasion and the truth is we do have a choice to bar our doors against it.

  8. Cassilda says:

    nice job writing this up in a manner that most people can understand.

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