Random Olympic Thoughts

*Literary villains and heroes, children listening to bedtime stories in the Opening Ceremonies- I might not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself

* Snippets of so many languages beneath the English commentary, fascinating

*How does a person find the motivation to endure such rigors of training and intensity of performance? Could I find it within myself? What am I that passionate about?

*The two British princes, sitting together in the audience, look like any two brothers enjoying a sporting event

*There is a fine line between pride and arrogance

*Men’s and women’s gymnastics floor exercise look so different

*What else could all the money spent accomplish in the world?

*99 out of 100 shots!

*How foolish can a news crew act? What makes them think we want to watch that when there are so many riveting performances to see?

*Some of the commercials are incredible- Kellogg’s asks an amazing series of questions, the P&G tributes to Moms are touching, Nike’s “find your greatness” throws out a challenge, and Visa’s “go world” catches the Olympic spirit

*The queen has a sense of humor

*Physical fitness is a worthy goal- strong muscles are glorious!

*Around the world, we all love our countries and our national anthem can make us cry

*We are as different as we are alike; we are as alike as we are different

*Stand up for what you believe- sometimes a challenge changes an outcome

*Moments of humility- one medal winner said simply, “I’m thankful” and many who narrowly missed a medal gave tribute to teammates and even rivals

*Jubilation is beautiful to behold

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12 Responses to Random Olympic Thoughts

  1. Ramona says:

    I love these random thoughts, makes me want to go turn on the TV and watch some more Olympic coverage right now!

  2. How insightful you are! Each and every one of these thoughts could be its own story. Thanks for sharing your thoughful observations!

  3. It is so inspiring, I agree. My grandson is visiting me this week & we’re watching & watching, excited when we see such accomplishment. It’s all just great, & I love all your tiny reminders of the good things we’re seeing. It was great to see all those parts that the opening showed of the things valued. Thanks!

  4. blkdrama says:

    THanks for sharing your Olympics experience. I am hooked every time 🙂

  5. I watched the opening Friday! Wow! And a little of volleyball on Saturday. I just don’t watch TV that much anymore…writing has become my passion this summer, so when I have time, I am writing or reading…thanks for catching me up on the spirit that is The Olympics-you’ve inspired me to get a dose of it!

  6. missmoyer says:

    I found myself talking back to your list in agreement as I read.
    Great thoughts!

  7. So amazing what we can do, isn’t it? I’ve only watched a bit (as I’ve been reading more than watching tv), but the tweets have also been entertaining.

  8. Lynn says:

    I love your comment about the news crews.. because it is so true! Dare I say I too thought of the money spent… but that’s a whole different slice. However, the people… the athletes finding their passions and working hard to reach goals they have set for themselves…very inspiring!

  9. margaretsmn says:

    I love all your random thoughts. I think this would make a great model lesson. Thanks for the idea!

  10. I really love watching…but I have to admit this thought really made me think…
    What else could all the money spent accomplish in the world?

  11. Judy C. says:

    So many thoughts (and it’s only been 5 days). Each thought could be a slice of it’s own. You have totally captured what the Olympics is all about. I especially like your thought: “We are as different as we are alike; we are as alike as we are different.” Thanks for sharing your Olympic snip-its.

  12. Bev says:

    I kept nodding yes with all your random thoughts. I have been caught up inwatching and enjoying so many touching moments. I love the glimpses (at least on our Canadian channels) about how these athletes got where they are and who influenced them.

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