Ice Cream Social

The Setting

  • School cafeteria
  • August evening

The Characters

  • Mom 1- dressed in informal business attire, hair fashionably coifed, makeup perfect, nails neatly manicured, voice pleasantly modulated
  • Kindergartner 1- dressed in brightly colored sundress and snazzy sandals, matching bows on cute pigtails, holding mom’s hand
  • Mom 2- dressed in baggy  T-shirt and sweatpants, careworn face, dirt under nails, voice brash
  • Kindergartner 2- dressed in stained, torn sundress and untied shoes, tangled hair, dragging mom

The Action:

Mom 1 and Kindergartner 1 walk into the cafeteria, Mom pointing out the posters on the wall and talking with her daughter. They arrive in the serving line, and hear the choices available. Mom asks daughter what she prefers. Kindergartner 1 looks directly at the teacher/server and politely, in a clear voice, requests, “I’d like chocolate, please.” When handed her ice cream, she says, “Thank you.” Mom and daughter take a seat and talk quietly.

Mom 2 and Kindergartner 2 rush into the cafeteria noisily. Mom is loudly and in vain begging her daughter to slow down. Kindergartner 2 pushes into the serving line. She does not speak to the teacher/server, but points at what she wants and then grabs it from the teacher/server, dropping it on the floor. She looks up at Mom and waits for her to pick it up. Mom berates daughter for being so clumsy. They take a seat. Mom talks to another adult while daughter eats, dropping blobs of ice cream on her dress and on the floor.

What will the year hold for these two kindergartners?

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3 Responses to Ice Cream Social

  1. Amy Rudd says:

    #2 will definitely need a lot of love, a patient, caring teacher who knows how to tap the best in every child, no matter their outward appearance. #1 might be a hard nut to crack, sometimes things aren’t always what they appear to be…no matter what, hope for both-no giving up allowed! Both have needs, they just won’t be the same needs…

  2. pamelahodges says:

    I see a teacher who notices details and who will be kind and loving to both children. One child will need to learn how to make messes and the other child will need to be taught how to clean up messes.

  3. You have described a similar scene that repeats itself over and over as school years begin. It shows the uniqueness of each child. Each one has different needs and shows the complexity of our jobs. I pray that God opens my heart to accept each one and see that. Your sharing reminds me.
    Thank you.

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