Fridge Magnets

Here’s my collection of fridge magnets. It’s a mini history of my family- places we have been, things we like, and sayings we believe.

Some are from trips my husband and I took- notably the New City magnets with the Statue of Liberty and the Twin Towers. I was overwhelmed with the first sight of the Statue of Liberty- it is especially meaningful to me when I think of my ESL students who have come to America seeking freedom. My husband sang a few lines of Neil Diamond’s “They’re Coming to America” for me as we stood in the park looking across to the Statue. There are a couple from San Antonio- we got to celebrate an anniversary there, visiting the Riverwalk and of course,The Alamo. We had flown there on a military medevac flight from Panama- I had surgery at the Army Hospital a couple of days after our celebration. It turned out NOT to be the cancer doctors had suspected, so those magnets are a reminder of so much more than just a trip. 

Many are reminders of family trips-the lighthouse of Tybee Island, Georgia, a pink flamingo from the North Carolina Zoo, the battleship Yorktown, the US Military Academy at Westpoint, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore. There are are several from the trips my daughter and I made to Florida, flying in to Fort Myers (postcard) and then going to an aunt and uncle’s home in Naples (flip-flop), including the snail to remember the summer snails kept sliming the pool deck. The Amish buggy is a reminder of several visits with my mom  to the Round Barn Theater at Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana. Some are from trips I took on my own- a mission trip to Mexico and a trip to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

These represent my daughter. She had a lot of red shoes when she was little- red patent Mary Janes that she called “snappy shoes” and  “Dorothy” shoes covered with red glitter. She’s also had several pairs of western boots for horseback riding.  She was enchanted by the Fairy Castle at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. During her elementary school years, our “school’s out for the summer” celebration was a trip to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. The “Mild, Mild West” magnet lived on our front door instead of the fridge for a long time as her reminder to make sure she had a chapstick in her backpack- it says “Okay, possemembers…Before we head out, does everyone have Chapstick?” She played violin starting in 5th grade and all the way through high school. And so far, the love of her life is her cat. The cat magnet says, “People who don’t like cats were probably mice in an earlier life.” 

Here are some from “Back Home Again in Indiana.” I grew up in Indianapolis, but lived a lot of other places for many years. Now I’ve been back more than ten years, and these magnets represent these years. I became a Colts fan, and loved it when they won the Superbowl. The zoo magnets remind of trips there with my daughter and on school field trips. The Soldiers and Sailors Monument on the Circle in downtown Indianapolis holds memories both from childhood and the present- to me it is the symbol of my city.

And here are some closest to my heart- some made by and given to me by my family. My husband gave me the sheep which says “The Lord is my Shepherd,” because the 23rd Psalm is a favorite scripture. Bugs Bunny reminds me of  him- guess he was always a kid at heart- he loved it when he could watch cartoons with the kids. Bugs was his favorite. The handsome Marine is my son. My older daughter brought the oval with the cat which says “God Bless Our Happy Home” when she came home to visit after a very rebellious time away from home. My younger daughter brought me stars from “Mommy’s Little Girl” as a souvenir from a middle school field trip! She also gave me “The best gift I ever got came from God…I call her mom” and “Mom’s To Do List: 1. Smile (cuz you’re wonderful) 2. Smile (cuz you’re amazing) 3. Smile (cuz you’re loved).”  Number 3 is the one that makes life sweet! Then there is the reminder from my mom, “The best things in life are not things.”

Inspiration for this post came from Corbett Harrison’s post and writer’s notebook entry.

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14 Responses to Fridge Magnets

  1. How lovely this journey was. Refrigerator magnets are almost universal (though mine are not arranged as neatly:)and these everyday objects carry such special significance for you.

  2. Ramona says:

    So fun to get a glimpse of your life through these magnets. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great memories, & I know just how you feel. My frig is covered too, very fun to look & remember. Thanks for your memories!

  4. Lynn says:

    Oh I love your last line…the best things in life are not things!!!! I always say I never get attached to things only people. Great slice, great memories!

  5. margaretsmn says:

    I don’t think I would dare put a photo of our fridge collage. But it holds lots of memories just the same. Recently we’ve had a few gifts of old pictures of our kids, so our now 24 year old sits front and center holding a toad at about age 4. Priceless memories.

  6. Such a cute post….I am jealous that your daughter had ‘Dorothy shoes’ and that your husband cared enough to sing Neil’s song. Your fridge is such a happy place!

  7. Laura LA says:

    Such an interesting visual post. With few words, you have revealed volumes about yourself.

  8. elsie says:

    What a wonderful walk down memory lane! I love magnets, they are an inexpensive reminder of places and times of our lives. Love this glimpse into your life.
    BTW: was the carrot cake marvelous? Mmmmm!

  9. Jaana says:

    Loved your post! After reading it, I felt that I had been part of your journey! Thank you for sharing!

  10. This is such a neat idea. I love the way you broke down the magnets, showing us which ones represent your daughter, your faith, etc.

  11. Lori says:

    What wonderful memories. Hold the joy as you face the next weeks. Makes me want to go back and buy magnets from all my travels.

  12. Juliann says:

    Thanks for the fridge tour! I love it when you go into a home and see things like this that help to tell the story of a family.

  13. onesunflower says:

    Every magnet in your collection is a story starter.

  14. Amy Rudd says:

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your life via refrigerator magnets-who knew? I love that you have such a vast collection-we have some and have tried to collect as we visit-we just don’t get to travel very often. Maybe some day…

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