A School Tradition

In honor of 9-11, the front yard of the school was ringed with small flags. As the day  began, the K-6 students, teachers, staff, and principal, all gathered around the flagpole on the front lawn of our school. We were joined by parents and special guests to continue a tradition begun on the first anniversary of 9-11.  An honor guard from the high school ROTC presented the colors. All sang the national anthem and pledged  allegiance to the flag. The third graders, decked out in shiny red, white, and blue hats, sang “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” Our principal presented framed poems to our honored guests from the local police department and fire station. The fifth graders performed “God Bless America.” The principal gave some closing remarks, acknowledging that our oldest students were too young on that day eleven years ago to have their own memories of the event, but it is important for all of us to honor those who were heroes that day. Many times we forget the police and firefighters who serve our community until we need them, but they serve every day. They will be there when we need them, and they were there on that day. We will remember and honor them. After a round of applause for our hometown heroes, the fourth grade closed the program with the song “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” The police officers and firefighters formed a line, and as the students filed back into the school, they shook hands with them. Proud parents stood watching, and some were moved to tears by the tribute. My own heart was stirred with pride, memories, and patriotism.

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5 Responses to A School Tradition

  1. The program your school held sounds beautiful. Had I been in the crowd of parents, I, too, would’ve been moved to tears. Your school did so much more than pay lip service to this day that our youngest ones cannot remember. What a beautiful tribute to those whose lives were lost and to those who serve our communities!

  2. Your description and enthusiasm made me feel like I was thre, too. Good for your school for having such a moving tribute!

  3. pamelahodges says:

    A wonderful tradition.

  4. It sounds like your school found a way to remember and acknowledge the day that really has impacted all of us in some way. For some, the losses are real and tangible. For others, as you acknowledged in a comment on my post about 911, the pain is quiet, but very real, and just as life changing. For a few, the only change is an occassional search at the airport. We need to remember. keep in our prayers, and acknowledge the sacrifces that were made that day and all those (and their families) who have served and continue to serve every day. Not all of the scars of 911 are visible and not all the losses and pain occurred that day. There has been a chain of pain and the countless invisible wounds triggered by the events of that infamous morning.

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