Sometimes Virtual is Real

It’s Slice Day and I just couldn’t think what to write today… so I started with reading and commenting. I was so deeply touched in so many ways. Most of us haven’t met in person, but through our stories week by week, we touch each other’s lives. Hearing a mom with little ones talk about lovely little moments in her day makes my heart smile as I remember when my children were small. Getting to visit places I have never been with someone who is there is so exciting. Seeing a glimpse of different interests and hobbies I have never tried plants ideas for “maybe someday.” Reading a poem written just to thank fellow slicers fills me with gratitude. The story and exchange of comments that led to the poem was a treasure shared with trust, with hope for understanding. Stories of school, students, colleagues, great moments and ideas that worked ring so true. I’m often amazed by the creativty, courage, and caring that’s going on in the classrooms of my fellow slicers. Some writers have the knack for making me laugh. Slices about writing, about a writerly way of seeing things, about being a writer, have helped me keep writing, keep growing, keep writing for and with my students. I can tell some slicers are about my age, and I feel such a connection to experiences, thoughts and feelings that are so familiar. I was moved to tears by a poem I wished I could have written, it expressed my feelings so well.

We blog in the virtual world. Our sense of community is very real. Thanks to you all!

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5 Responses to Sometimes Virtual is Real

  1. I echo these thoughts! I am thankful for you, for the stories of your rich life that you share, the reflections, the joys and the trials. This has been a surprising experience for me not to only find my voice as a writer but to enjoy and look forward to hearing the other voices in our community. It makes me thankful.

  2. Finally getting to the last ones tonight & there are your good words, feeling grateful for all. Me, too. I just read throught most, & will try to finish tomorrow. It was a good day filled with lovely writing. Thank you too!

  3. Bonnie K says:

    It’s hard to believe but yes, these online communities are real and when you get to move back to face to face, it’s still real. I so agree with your celebration

  4. Laura LA says:

    Same here, my Tuesday reading is always an inspiration. Grateful to have found this community.

  5. It is an amazing thing that Ruth and Stacey have started, isn’t it? Through stories, through comments, across vast distances we connect. I like that you wrote about this today because it reminds me that we all feel the same way about it. The connection really means something something to each of us.

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