My Slice of Christmas

Little moments from this year’s Christmas,  jumbled up in no order,  just as they come to mind this evening after a lovely day with family…

driving to pick my daughter up to come home after her first semester at college, meeting “the boyfriend” at last, looking forward to her three weeks at home

putting up my cardboard Santa face with long streamers for a beard above my classroom door, and letting my third graders pose for a picture to put in a Christmas card to take home with their holiday letter to mom and dad

singing Silent Night by candlelight on Christmas Eve with my daughter and my mom and our church family

laughing as our principal shared the angst of shopping for “just right” candy and treats for gift bags for the staff as other cheery shoppers looking at his cart commented about “some party!”- and made us feel his appreciation for our work

preparing the Bible lesson for the Sunday before Christmas and then reflecting with my small group about Jesus, our Savior and our Immanuel

surprising my mom on her 80th birthday when my daughter and I took her to the Christmas show at our local dinner theater

news from the nation and world breaking in to my own little world- so many people, so many needs to lift in prayer

a day of shopping with my sister, followed by her spending the night with us- a very rare event!

my youngest nephew passing out presents to everyone, chuckling when he realized the little candy bars he was ignoring had a $20 bill attached to the ribbon- then he declared “I want one of those!”

the “best breakfast of the year”- cinnamon rolls, sausage gravy and biscuits, eggs and bacon , toast and homemade jelly to start the day, and my sister-in-law’s lasagna to end, topped off with Mom’s Boston Creme Pie for dessert

my just-married-a-year niece bringing homemade gifts for everyone

tears for those no longer with us, smiles to think of them at a heavenly celebration…memories, longing, gratitude all mixed together

giving a copy of the poem I wrote of my mom and uncle’s Pearl Harbor story to family members, and listening in as my history major niece asked Mom more about it

a blizzard storm warning

reading Slice of Life stories- touched by the treasures of life we can share through our writing

quiet times of prayer and reflection


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4 Responses to My Slice of Christmas

  1. Ramona says:

    I love the way you shared so many moments of the season with us. Makes me want to try my own little moments slice.

  2. Laura LA says:

    A jumble of moments; such is life. Gathered together here, you give a remarkably clear picture of your holiday season. I love this sort of “list” writing – it often inspires longer stories for me.

  3. margaretsmn says:

    Wonderful times together, that’s what the season is all about. It’s nice that you captured them here in a little slice. Happy New Year, new tree mom.

  4. Oh so touching! These are some of the many things that wrap the Christmas in our hearts. I am glad you shared your Pearl Harbor poem. I just know it was treasured and opened a precious opportunity for a special conversation. Blessings.

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