Her Fluffiness Has Been Happy Again

Her Fluffiness has really missed her girl since the girl deserted her went off to college last August. The girl has teased her with a few weekend visits, but for all these months Her Fluffiness has condescended to accept food and water from her girl’s mother instead. At first, she would run to the door whenever she heard the key turn, looking for her girl. But she’s one smart cookie, and she soon learned the futility of that- it was just the girl’s mother every time. So it wasn’t long until the only sound that brought her out of her hiding spots in the girl’s room was the pop of the top of the cat food can. Her Fluffiness bore her loneliness quite regally. True queen that she is, however, she occasionally allowed the girl’s mother to touch her.

When her girl came home for her brief visits, Her Fluffiness purred with pleasure. However, she would loudly announce her displeasure every time the girl dared to go out the door, with meows that were more like wailing. She also quickly resumed her ecstatic runs to the door every time she heard someone there. Her Fluffiness was confounded when the girl  seemingly disappeared once again would return to college.

Then Christmas came, and her girl came home for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!! Oh, the joy! Snuggling under the covers with her girl every night. Having her needs once again attended to properly by her girl at her first meow. Willingly allowing herself to be petted and hugged. Doing silly pet tricks for cat treats, even though such behavior is clearly beneath her dignity- but her girl had  taught her learned how to get her to do them, and it made her girl happy. Being a big enough cat to share the girl with her mother, her family, and her old friends sometimes. Purring with delight every minute she was with her girl. Well, the perfection of these days did suffer a brief interruption which Her Fluffiness deemed in her best interest to tolerate- a visit from a stranger the girl called “boyfriend.” Seeing how much her girl liked this peasant, she refrained from expressing her disdain. What self-control it required NOT to hiss or scratch! Of course, this boyfriend person had the sense to recognize her royalty and amuse himself by playing with the young, stupid  friendly cat. And SHE knew who the girl had loved first. Her realm had been as it should be for so many days…

Then it started happening again. Her girl stirred into action this morning instead of lolling around in the bed until noon today. Her Fluffiness could smell it in the air!  All through the day Her Fluffiness heard the clothes washer and dryer humming. It was drowning out her purring! A suitcase was spread open on the floor, and as the warm, clean clothes were folded into it, SHE was unceremoniously tossed out of it! Her Fluffiness knows she will be lonely for her girl again soon. So she is spending every minute she can close to her girl.

Just like the girl’s mother.

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6 Responses to Her Fluffiness Has Been Happy Again

  1. newtreemom says:

    Just a little note: unlike Her Fluffiness, the girl’s mother likes the boyfriend. He treats her girl very nicely and makes her happy.

  2. Oh, this was sweetness at it’s best. My girl is now very far had a sweet, small cat that loved her only and stayed away from the rest of us until her girl came home. Interesting that the boyfriend had the good sense not to be too demanding- a very good sign. Your very last line was my absolute favorite. XO nanc

  3. I was thinking that Her Fluffiness shared some true understanding about missing the girl with the girl’s Mom! You captured so much in writing from the royal perspective of Her Fluffiness.

  4. Pooh Hodges says:

    My Dearest Diane, It appears that you are staff for a true Queen. Cats who are Queens may seldom venture out of their castle. Be careful to clean her litter box several times a day, and wash her water dish at least three times a day. Perhaps your daughter can leave a smelly sock for Her Fluffiness when she goes back to college.
    You brought a tear to my eye with your last sentence. I haven’t seen my mother in over eight years. I understand the desire to be close to your daughter.
    All the best,
    Pooh Hodges

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