A Classroom Moment Observed

The fourth graders sat on the carpet in front of the board. Their teacher was leading them in a discussion about writing a compare and contrast essay. Since they had already practiced comparing two things and writing about similarities, they worked together and quickly composed a paragraph about the ways dogs and cats are alike. The teacher drew a T chart on the board and showed them how they needed to contast corresponding traits. One student said that cats have rough tongues but dogs have soft tongues. A third grader, who spends part of the day in the fourth grade class, raised her hand and said, “Oh, because of the papillae?” The teacher replied quietly, “They don’t know what that is.” The other students seemed oblivious to the exchange, clamoring to add to the list they were making. The third grader sat with an inscrutable expression on her face, as if trying to decide whether to have hurt feelings at being brushed off or to take secret pride in her knowledge…


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2 Responses to A Classroom Moment Observed

  1. Wow…quite a moment. Perhaps the teacher wasn’t at all certain if she knew the word. I’m sad that the child was left guessing at the end. XO nanc

  2. This is a funny little tale. I felt like I could see the child’s expression at the end ;).

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