Keep It or Change It?

I joined the Slice of Life Challenge the first time in March 2012. I had heard of blogging ( maybe I first noticed it in the book and movie Julie and Julia) and I started reading blogs on Education Week (starting with The Book Whisperer, by Donalyn Miller who is now contributing at the Nerdy Book Club blog) and Scholastic. I never had any idea that I would start writing on a blog myself until I happened to connect with TwoWritingTeachers and decided to try the March challenge. I liked it so much I kept on writing every Tuesday.

Last March my daughter had just been accepted at Indiana State University. Looking forward to my daughter’s high school graduation and her moving on to college were the biggest things going on in my life. So as I thought of a name for my blog, I came up with newtreemom. (ISU is the home of the Sycamores- ISU moms are treemoms. )

As my daughter winds up her freshman year and I’m adjusting to this new stage of life, I’ve been thinking about whether it is time for a new name. I am kind of attached to newtreemom. I like the way it looks and sounds. And I do like trees, too. But does the name represent my blog/me well? Should I plant a new tree in my yard so I would really be a newtreemom? Should I adopt a freshman getting ready to start at ISU so I will be a newtreemom again? Should I become plain old treemom? Just a few thoughts that have been rattling around my brain…

What do you think?

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15 Responses to Keep It or Change It?

  1. Lee Ann says:

    Blog names, as Ruth posted this week require a lot of thinking. I remember changing the my personal blog name. I went from essentially no name to Pink Stone Days ( What did not change was the blog address. I started with my name and stayed; perhaps, now, Blogger may have a way of letting users update the address if they change the name. Would your blog address change with the name?

  2. It sounds like you are ready to turn a new leaf. How exciting for you and congratulations to your daughter! I love the name of your blog and had no idea of the related significance to ISU. I say keep it and maybe tweak it to simply ….treemom. Good luck 🙂

  3. Lynn says:

    I agree it sounds like you are wanting a change that reflects you . . . more of your inner self. Changing the name doesn’t really change all the parts that make up you…

  4. elsie says:

    Thanks for the explanation, I’ve been curious about it. What a dilemma the name deal is. I, too, have faced that very same thought. You will always be a treemom. It will be interesting to see what you decide.

  5. Jaana says:

    I would have never guessed the reason behind your blog name! Great to hear the story behind your blog name. Maybe you should just keep the name and plant a new tree every year?

  6. margaretsmn says:

    I like the name. I also did not know why you used it, but it fits. What is in a name? I thought a lot about my name and wanted my blog to be more about writing than teaching, but it’s become about both. Now that I am connecting with people all over the country, I’m not sure they understand that the Teche (pronounced tesh) is the name of the bayou that runs behind my house. Maybe I should Slice about it. Getting ready for the challenge….

  7. Please let us know what you decide. I have followed you all this year, eagerly awaiting your words. Hmm, every day is new, or you can be treemom, or your name.

  8. Carol Wilcox says:

    Loved hearing about where the name of your blog came from. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

  9. jee young says:

    Thanks for sharing with us the meaning behind your name. I’ve felt a similar struggle with my blog name, because I’ve started to blog about other interests outside of teaching, however, I’ve decided to just keep it. 🙂 My vote would be to keep newtreemom!

  10. You know what they say. A rose by any other name would still be interesting to read! 🙂 You must let me know if you do change though so I can keep checking in!

  11. Terje says:

    It was interesting to hear about the name. Don’t laugh, but your blog name made me imagine tree houses and adventure. You will figure out what to do with the blog name. I like your idea of planting trees. My blog name is “Just for a month” because I thought of writing only during March SOLSC 2011. I’m still writing and have no intention of changing the name of blog.

  12. Your quandry reminds me of that story “Eleven”by Sandra Cisneros, when she says that when we turn eleven we are still ten and nine and eight and seven (and so on, like the layers of an onion or tree rings). So, I think you can go either way and still be YOU. Your “newtreemom” identity will always be a layer of you. You carry that version of you inside of you even as you layer this new year as a not-so-newtreemom on top of it. I think I am leaning towards keeping it…though I am someone who changed my blog’s title after the first couple of years (though not the address).

  13. Linda Baie says:

    We all know to look for you as Newtreemom, so I’m not sure if changing is a good idea, although I guess this is the time, gathering readers throughout the extra slicing month. Christy is right, there are so many layers of our lives, & your name reflects part of yours. I’m interested to see what you choose!

  14. Ramona says:

    I loved learning the origin of your name. I’ll watch to see if you make the leap to a new name. I loved this window into your thinking. I also started slicing in March of 2012, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of this journey.

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