Thinking About the Flower Ladies: SOLSC #3

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve been having dreary, gray, cloudy days. It made me think of the flower market in Lima. We could walk just a few blocks from our apartment in Miraflores, and wander into the midst of the flower ladies. We would be surrounded by blooms of every kind imaginable. Meandering through the crowded spaces between the vendors, we could choose a single flower or whole bouquets. For just a few nuevo sol coins, we could bring color home to spread into every room. My husband was the one who would say on Saturdays, let’s take a walk to the market. He loved to give me flowers. He would pay for our selections and then present them with a smile and a flourish, like a handsome prince bowing to his princess. It’s a memory that brings sunshine on a cloudy day.


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6 Responses to Thinking About the Flower Ladies: SOLSC #3

  1. Betsy says:

    I loved this. Flowers do bring sunshine to our gray days, don’t they? They are so refreshing. Love the memory you shared too.

  2. We have had plenty of clouds/rain/snow this past week, too. I’m glad to finally see some blue sky and sun this afternoon. Reading your piece reminded me of my visit to Lima many years ago with my brother. He took me there for my birthday present, and we walked through the Miraflores neighborhood.

  3. What a sweet memory to brighten your dreary, gray, cloudy day. What a loving gesture from a loving husband.

  4. elsie says:

    I hope the thoughts of the bright flowers put some color into your day. I just bought a bouquet for my mother because it had been so dreary. Maybe you should get a few blooms for yourself.

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