A Couple of Funny Slices from Dinner: SOLSC2013#7

My second sister and I had dinner with Mom this evening. Mom was at work, my sister had the day off, and I had an appointment after school. We were going to a resaurant near Mom’s workplace, so we agreed my sister would pick Mom up when she got off work, and I  would meet them at the restaurant. At dinner my sister told her story…

She pulled into the parking lot at Mom’s work a few minutes early and sat in her car playing solitaire on her cell phone. She was parked near a rear entrance. Concentrating on the game, she was spooked by a door opening, a shadow passing by, and her car door opening…and nearly jumped out of her skin. I should mention Mom works at a funeral home. We laughed at how she freaked over her encounter with “the living dead.”

Then I told my story…

When I was in first grade my walk to school went past a funeral home. I knew it was where they took dead people (the older kids informed me). What I didn’t know was that it was not only a funeral home, but also the home of the owner’s family, too (nobody mentioned that part). One day I paused in front of it to tie my shoe. Standing, I looked at the window and there were people sitting at a table. I took off running and burst into my house yelling, “Mom, they put the dead people in the window!”

We had another good laugh. Then hugs all around, and I took Mom to her car as we all headed home.


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7 Responses to A Couple of Funny Slices from Dinner: SOLSC2013#7

  1. Thanks for sharing these two stories of you and your sister getting spooked by close encounters near funeral homes. I imagine a joy filled dinner of story swapping with your family. I laughed, too.

  2. blkdrama says:

    Wow, your mom works at a funeral home? I can’t imagine… Love your stories…

    • newtreemom says:

      Yes, at 80!!! my mom is still working part time as a hostess at a funeral home. She greets people coming in for appointments, coming for visitation or services, makes sure family members have what they need, etc. She started this job after my step-dad passed away several years ago. She has found friends and is out of the house a few days each week- it has been great for her. She is beginning to get a little tired, though…this will probably be her last year. Who knows what she will find to do next?

  3. Isn’t it fun spending sister/mother time together? The stories are so rich…I hope you are recording them. That is one reason I started my blog….to keep the family stories alive. Thanks!

  4. Jaana says:

    What came to my mind is Janet Evanovich’s books where so many things happen at the funeral home!

  5. Donna says:

    Sister and mom time is the best. I love gathering with my family and telling the stories that make up our lives. Thanks for sharing!

  6. elsie says:

    Dinner with the family always brings out the stories of past and present. I had dinner with my mom too.

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