Morning Drive: SOLSC2013#13

Morning news reports
unexpected weather system
spit a layer of wet snow
over the streets and highways
in the early morning hours

Snow melted on contact
but freezing temps
created patches of ice
hiding here and there
around the city

Bridges and overpasses
could still be treacherous
as crews clean up the
wrecks and slide-offs
including a double fatality

Heading out nervously
I find dry streets
in my neighborhood
but a mile into my drive
moisture glistens on the road

A couple of miles more and
a slightly slick intersection
where I turn and suddenly
in a flurry snow falls furiously
and swirls across the road

Approaching the ramp to
the interstate I am cautious
A car flies by- thankfully
all is clear, no harm done
but my heart beats fast

Flickering red lights
in front of me as cars
brake now and then
I take my exit- only a few
miles to go, roads just wet

I turn the final corner
See the school, park
Gather my things
Walk across the snowy street
Arrive, safe and sound


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7 Responses to Morning Drive: SOLSC2013#13

  1. mpistek says:

    I can relate to every line in your piece! The feelings that you felt especially resonate with me… strong writing!

  2. Tara Smith says:

    Whew…I could feel your tension. Arriving safe and sound is such a relief after a drive like that.

  3. There was something about the way you wrote this, that had me traveling in real time along with you. I think my heart was racing a bit until you arrived safely. I hope the trip home was less perilous.

  4. elle1955 says:

    You created a strong image here that had me with you all the way. I recently drove on a parkway of black ice – all cars traveling under 30 – and you captured the feeling. Glad you arrived safe and sound.

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  6. luckygurl says:

    So, I hope it’s okay, but when I started commenting on your post earlier this evening, I found a poem in your poem that I had to write and decided to post tonight. Thank you so much for your lovely inspiration!

  7. Jaana says:

    This could have been my ride to school this morning! You just said it much better.

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