Go, Colts! SOLSC2013#15

Blue Colts Mascot

Imagine the excitement when this character shows up at school!

Blue and his sidekick, representing the Indianapolis Colts NFL Team, came to our school for a program today. It was fun with a message:

P for Play 60
R for Respect
I for Intelligent Decisions (say no to Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco)
D for Diet (eat healthy foods)
E for Education

Blue kept the kids laughing and having fun. He showed off his dance moves with one of our kindergarten teachers doing the macarena, then got the kids in on the action with the chicken dance. There was a magic trick in which the magic wand “broke” every time Blue handed it to a teacher, but worked perfectly when he gave it to a student. A game featured teachers wearing laundry basket “hats” to catch the “healthy food choices” students were trying to toss in. The students made promises to play and get exercise every day, to show respect, starting with remembering to say please and thank you, to make intelligent choices by saying no and telling an adult if anyone offers them alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, to choose healthy foods, and to value education. They sealed that last promise with a round of applause for the teachers.

It was one of the best and most positive presentations I’ve seen at school. Blue’s sidekick, who did all the talking, was a real pro. She knew just how to keep the kids engaged, loud, and active without making them go crazy out of control. The younger grades were totally captivated. Even the “too cool” 5th and 6th graders laughed and took part.

One kindergartener was overheard after the program saying that “Play 60 means we get to go out to play 60 times every day at school!”

So if you live near a city with an NFL team, see if they have a similar school show as part of the Play 60 initiative. If they do, and it is anything like the one we had today, the kids will really love it. What a wonderful treat it was, coming at the end of our first round of state-wide testing. Just when we needed it!

Thanks, NFL and local sponsors! And… GO COLTS!!!!


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One Response to Go, Colts! SOLSC2013#15

  1. Beth says:

    We have a Play 60 program here and I love the your story of how the kids responded. We don’t, however, have a pro-football team here.

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