Blue Soothes My Soul: SOLSC2013#17


blue is the shimmering sky of a sunny summer day
blue is the sparkling clear water at the beach
blue is the wings of butterflies and miniature frogs in the jungle
blue soothes my soul
blue is the shade of the prettiest crayons in the box
blue is a raspberry popsicle stain on your tongue
blue is a frilly Easter dress and hat
blue is the bottom of the swimming pool
blue is the hydrangea bush in Grandma’s yard
blue is my daddy’s eyes
blue soothes my soul
blue is the sapphires in my wedding band

blue is the Bible my husband gave me our first Christmas
blue is the Air Force uniform he wore
blue is the painting that always hangs on the wall in our home
blue is the curtains my mom sewed for my new house
blue is the shirt our son wears in my favorite school picture
blue is the baby swing we pushed to hear our daughter giggle
blue is the wagon bubba pulled with little sis aboard
blue is the vase of flowers from my husband’s funeral
blue soothes my soul
blue is the dark midnight sky with bright sparks of light breaking through
blue soothes my soul


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3 Responses to Blue Soothes My Soul: SOLSC2013#17

  1. elsie says:

    So many things in your life have been touched by blue. It is good it soothes your soul.

  2. Deb says:

    Lovely repeating line “blue soothes my soul”…and see why through all of your examples why it does sooth your soul. : ) Enjoyed!

  3. MaryHelen says:

    Great repeating line. You shared many experiences and memories connected to the color blue. Great idea!

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