My 100th Slice! SOLSC2013#18

Six months into this writing  journey, I took a look back at my first 50 slices. I reach 100 (a year, now) with today’s post, so it’s a good time to glance back again. So here are some of my thoughts about the second fifty.

Family is so important to all of us, and I love the comments when I write about family. I love this way of keeping memories as much as keeping a photo album, and there is something special about sharing them. I love the glimpses into your families, too.

This is a great place to feel support as you try different writing challenges. The feedback is so encouraging when I try poetry, especially. Around Christmas time, I wrote two poems that meant a lot to me: The Reindeer and An American Story.

Reflections about writing bring on a lot of encouragement, too. I got a lot of comments when I wrote Story Seeds. But strangely, I didn’t get comments on the follow-up, Little Laughery Creek. Sometimes it seems the time you submit your link makes a big difference in the responses, too.

This community loves reading as much as writing. Sharing thoughts about books seems popular. I enjoyed writing a poem in response to a Kate DiCamillo book, The Tiger Rising. I tried writing a piece with nouns and verbs only in response to Strider by Beverly Cleary. I tried a book reiew of Sources of Light.

A recent slice that got many comments was my reflection about the name of my blog and whether I should change it. I’ll be writing a follow-up before the end of the March challenge.

Thanks to everyone in the SOL community who has read some of my writing and to all who have sent me comments!  Being a writer as I try to guide my students in writing has had a huge impact. All of you have helped me grow as a writer, a teacher, and a person. Thank you.

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4 Responses to My 100th Slice! SOLSC2013#18

  1. Yea, you have helped me personally grow as a writer, a teacher and a person! Your comments to me are always so encouraging and supportive. I am getting close to 100 but don’t think I will make it this month.
    Hurrah for all you have accomplished!! Keep at it!

  2. Laura Romaine Brown says:

    A centennial slicer! I enjoyed your overview of the kinds of writing and responses your posts received.
    I agree that writing about family times is as rich as a photo album. Over the Christmas break I challenged myself (before I knew about Slicers) to write a mini-memoir (100 words) about a person who is important to me. And of course my mom, two daughters, two grandchildren and best girl friend were right in there. With some surprises.

    Hats off to your 100th Slice! ~ Laura

  3. elsie says:

    Congrats on reaching 100! This community is the fuel that allows me to continue to put my thoughts/stories out there. It’s interesting to look back and see what kinds of writing you have tackled. Here’s to the next 100!

  4. What a cool way to do a reflective post, with links like bread crumbs to lead us back.

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