Homework Emergency: SOLSC2013#20

Here’s a funny story my friend told me when we were chatting this afternoon.

After a full day at school yesterday, an after school meeting, rushing to a volunteer stint at son #2’s  school, and picking up son#1 at his school after practice, at 8:30 she is finally on the way home to relax (dinner and homework time first, though). That’s when son #1, the high school freshman,  announces he has to have supplies for a project, and he needs the stuff tomorrow. So she makes a turn and heads toward Staples… but it is closed. Back in the car, she rushes toward Office Depot. It is still open. They barely have time to locate the needed items- the manager lets them out out through the already locked front door after she pays. Home at last, the family has a quick dinner. Dad heads upstairs to get ready for bed, while my friend parks herself on the couch to wait for homework to be done. Later, one of the boys wakes her up to inform her that homework is done. She drags herself up the stairs to bed.

This morning, everyone rushes around getting ready for the day. Son #1 is heading out the door to the bus stop when she notices the bag from Office Depot on the dining room table. She calls out.  Son calls back, “That’s OK,  I forgot. I don’t have that class today!”

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5 Responses to Homework Emergency: SOLSC2013#20

  1. elsie says:

    I hope that son had the good sense to run after he said that. Kids!

  2. brighidk28 says:

    Typical! That’s how they drive us crazy. haha… but also have to admit, something I most likely did to my own mom. Mothers are amazing, under appreciated, multitasking saints!

  3. Jone says:

    So typical! I was laughing.

  4. After all that?!!? How frustrating for your friend!

  5. Two years and finishing strong... says:

    That is so hysterical…so glad those kind of days are now a memory. Now I only have myself to blame. 🙂

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