The Battle of the Ants: SOLSC2013#24

I was at my mom’s house one day recently with my daughter and my sister. We got there while my mom was out on errands so we were waiting for her to get back. All of a sudden, my daughter squealed, “Ants!” She pointed to a box of caramel corn that was covered with a dark undulating mass of the tiny creatures. The boxtop was closed, and knowing my mom, I’m sure the inner bag was rolled up tightly, but the sugary sweetness was a siren song to those ants. They were not bothering the nearby candy dish with chocolate covered raisins nor the one with peppermints. I went in search of the ant spray I knew my mom had somewhere handy and came back armed for battle. I grabbed the box, dropped it in the trash can, and started spraying. I kept spraying until there was no more movement. I returned to the shelf where the box had been, moved everything off, lightly sprayed it, and wiped away the evidence. I noticed a few strays (actually quite a few) were marching up the wall behind the shelf- guess they hadn’t yet got the message that the sweet treasure they were after had disappeared. I moved the shelf out and took care of them. Then I put everything back in order. What were my daughter and sister doing, you ask? Sitting and laughing! Neither of them have been around for any of mom’s previous ant battles, so they didn’t get the sense of urgency.

Things appeared to be back to normal just in the nick of time. Mom got back and started putting her groceries away. She didn’t seem to smell the bug spray, but she spotted a couple of ants that had escaped the siege. And it started. Mom is calm about most things, but ants in the house really get to her. My sister innocently asks if she has that big a problem with ants. I brace myself because I know what is coming. Mom retells the story of how our stepdad ruined the laminate flooring that used to be in the kitchen by spraying so much bug spray it got the flooring wet and made it buckle. (How is it my sister has not heard this story before?!) She tells of all the times they sprinkled ant block all around the outside perimeter of the house. (My daughter has abandoned us, going to the family room and turning on the TV to drown out the story.) Mom continues, recounting all the different places in the house the ants have come in. (My sister didn’t know what she was setting in motion? Really?!?) But for me the worst is yet to come…

come back tomorrow for part two


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3 Responses to The Battle of the Ants: SOLSC2013#24

  1. Jaana says:

    Perhaps this is the reason I don’t mind the long cold winters. Less time for ants to build their habitat in my kitchen. I will return tomorrow to read part 2!!!

  2. I’m coming back for part 2 and looking forward to it. Your writing is hilarious and packed full of voice. I am with your mother about ants. Have to say that I’m really not a fan of cohabitation with insects.

  3. elsie says:

    I can’t believe she couldn’t smell the ant spray. What else? Oh, my !

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