Boring? SOLSC2013#30

I saw a long white truck along the side of the road as I passed an area where some construction was in progress. Large black letters on the side of the truck advertised DIRECTIONAL BORING. Of course, I knew it was some kind of digging, but my mind went off on a tangent.

I thought of how some students sit at their desks looking bored, sometimes no matter what is going on in the classroom. I wondered, am I directionally boring? or are they directionally bored? Does boredom have any direction? Does boredom in the classroom originate in a teacher’s lack of ability to engage students? Or does boredom start with a student who does not engage? Could directional boring be a force beamed from teacher toward student or the other way around? or could it be two-way, beaming back and forth between the two?

One point on the teacher evaluation rubric measures the percent of students who are engaged in the lesson. Does the evaluator think about directional boring?

Just some random thoughts prompted by the lettering on a truck. I wonder what other people thought when they read those words?

(I’m going to have to remember to keep a camera on hand more often…I wanted to get a picture of the truck, so you could see my inspiration. When I drove by next time I had a camera, but the truck had moved on.)


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6 Responses to Boring? SOLSC2013#30

  1. Chris says:

    I like how your mind went right to teaching – we all want to be engaging teachers, but some kids do struggle to stay engaged. Neat stream of consciousness slice!

  2. elsie says:

    I had to laugh at all the ways your mind applied the term directional boring. Sign often do this when the words don’t fit the usual context. Too bad the truck moved on.

  3. elle1955 says:

    Boring is one of my pet peeves. It is only boring if you choose to let it be. Change direction.

  4. The truck had bored in another direction by the next time you passed by 😉

    I tell my students that one of my jobs is to try to keep them engaged, but it is ultimately their responsibility to be ‘checked in’ during class. Lots of choice and opportunity for discussion sure help. I also acknowledge that it is very hard work to not zone out at all.

    Love the meandering thoughts. Thanks for taking us down your rabbit trail.

  5. In paying attention to the world around the writer in you seized on two words and had a field day with them! I like the way you captured your thought process and shared it.

  6. mrssurridge says:

    I love how a truck gave you so much to think about. Your thoughts gave me a chuckle. That word is one of my least favorite. It’s an accusation that someone else should be entertaining you. There are so many books to read, how can anyone be bored?

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