Spring Song

One afternoon recently, I was sitting on the glider on my front porch- well, actually I had collapsed there for a breather in the middle of mowing the lawn. I was thinking about how hot and itchy I felt, more like a muggy August day than the end of April. Our spring weather has been crazy this year, mostly very cool, with a warm day thrown in now and then to tease us, then this hot day, and throughout April near record-breaking rain keeping the grass growing high, but the ground too wet to mow ’til the grass is out of control. The weather has mostly left us wondering what happened to spring and when is it going to finally arrive and stay. My thoughts were interrupted, thankfully, by a bird chirping away loudly and happily in the tree at the corner of the porch…

Spring Song

tree in pinkest bloom

bird perched in uppermost branch

sings out joyfully



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5 Responses to Spring Song

  1. simply beautiful…love that the birds are singing the song of joy! xo

  2. elle1955 says:

    You paint a clear picture of spring – in all its guises.

  3. In the middle of some muddled thoughts about Spring the bird arrives to inspire a poem. Perfect timing producing such a lovely poem.

  4. margaretsmn says:

    Tree in pinkest bloom makes me happy. Hope the weather improves soon.

  5. elsie says:

    Spring has been an elusive friend this year. How nice to capture a moment of nature as you rested from the mowing.

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