Things That Happened Today

A list of things that happened today:
* I filled in on hall duty when another staff member was running late this morning…got a few hugs from kindergarteners
* A third grader I worked with for thirty minutes spent the time getting up and down to get tissues to wipe his drippy nose (hope it is allergies- don’t want a cold now that the weather is getting warm, finally)
* I went to a professional development meeting where we did an “immigration simulation” in which my “family” was evicted and had to live in our car (not an unrealistic story for some of our students)
* Back at school, I was on duty again at dismissal
* A colleague who is on maternity leave was at school this afternoon (with baby! and grandma) to move things into the new classroom she will have when she returns to school next year… changing from third grade to first (so next year, I won’t be collaborating with her as I did this year, since I teach 3rd to 6th grade ESL)
* While I was over in the primary hall to see her, I ran into and chatted with a first grade teacher I worked with last year in summer school… comparing notes, we discovered we are both on the waiting list this year, not good news for two single moms with college students
* I talked with the Art teacher about a decision to take two sixth grade boys out of a special after school program at the Art Museum due to poor behavior
* I stopped for a “lemon ice” and few minutes to relax with a book after school
* I took a short nap waiting for my daughter to get back from a job interview (cross your fingers with me!)
* I heard about the interview over hamburgers, shared advice about putting in more applications while waiting to hear (nothing is a sure thing these days)
* I watched a favorite show on TV with my daughter and listened to developing plans for a visit from “the boyfriend” (I knew they would never make it through the summer apart!)
* Couldn’t come up with anything very original to write, so I decided on a list…
* Now I’m posting and then it’s good night, all!

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5 Responses to Things That Happened Today

  1. dmurphy2013 says:

    Not a bad day at all! The lemon ice and a book sound divine, if you ask me. Good luck to your daughter!!

  2. Jone says:

    I agree, lemon ice and book. I made a list last week. Enjoy reading this.

  3. Ramona says:

    I love spending a few moments with you via your list. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you fly off the waiting list soon!

  4. elsie says:

    A full day for sure. I hope your daughter hears about the job and you get to work summer school.

  5. I bet Her Fluffiness is so happy to have the girl home and probably doesn’t want her to get a job. Trusting all will work out with your job and hers. I know your list is not even complete but gives a glimpse of the many, many things that are negotiated everyday. Ever onward…

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