Blue Heron

The blue heron stands
at water’s edge,
still and solitary.
With single-minded focus,
he waits and watches,
Passing by, I see him,
alone, but not lonely-
and I take heart.


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16 Responses to Blue Heron

  1. margaretsmn says:

    We have a blue heron that stops by occasionally. The last time he did I had some teachers over for judging a writing contest. It was like he was performing. He swooped around in a circle before flying off. Such regal birds!

  2. This spoke to me like a big, reassuring hug! The picture of this beautiful creature waiting and watching confidently, alone but not lonely struck me as a symbol of a God dependent life. That encouraged me so I take heart, too.

    • newtreemom says:

      Thank you for that connection… a God dependent life. Your response means so much! Reassuring and encouraging are the feelings I wanted to come through from this writing.

  3. Mmmm. Reminds me of the egrets I see flying by every time I try to get my daughter still enough to watch them in our backyard.

    Beautiful poem.

    • newtreemom says:

      When my daughter was young and starting to talk, she once pointed to a bird flying and excitedly called out, “Doggie!”

      Talking about the blue heron with her (she is 19 now, home for the summer after her first year of college) recently was part of the inspiration for the poem, as we wondered if it is called “blue” because it is so often alone… several years ago, she was the one who first identified the blue heron for me. You have so much to look forward to with your daughter!

  4. elsie says:

    I love to observe birds and herons are so interesting. How can something that looks so gangly be so graceful? We are never truly alone, are we?

  5. newtreemom says:

    Lots of strong, descriptive words are showing up in the comments about the blue heron- gangly and graceful- such a contrast!

    Never truly alone- thankfully that is so true.

  6. They are breathtaking! I love the ending…so much. xo

  7. elle1955 says:

    Alone but not lonely. Yes.

  8. What lovely lines…Alone, but not lonely and I take heart. Your poem is beautiful.

  9. Cathy says:

    I am completely obsessed with herons! I love this line, “alone but not lonely.” Isn’t that the truth? I find it interesting that herons, birds that appear solitary, nest in large groups.

    Lovely poem,

  10. newtreemom says:

    I did some research as I was writing and read that fact. I think it is very interesting, too.

  11. I too was struck by the words “alone but not lonely”. There are herons nesting in our cove at the lake. Sometimes they will fly right in front of us as we walk down the hill. Either we have disturbed them or they are saying hello. Maybe a mixture of both! Beautiful poem!

  12. JenniferM says:

    Ooh, beautiful imagery! I love seeing herons standing along ponds and rivers — they are a pretty common sight in my area. Their regal peacefulness is always striking, and your poem does a great job of conveying that. (It’s so funny that we both used the phrase “alone, but not lonely” in such different pieces of writing!)

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