Professional Development Moments

This week I am attending a 5 day professional development, Implementing Activity Centers, based on 6 Principles of Learning for Effective Pedagogy- designed to advance achievement for ELLs. The title sounds so philosophical, but the workshop is full of practical applications for the classroom. Here are a few glimpses into the the workshop.

  • presenter: university professor, head of ESL certification program, Estonian born in US into an immigrant family, nature photographer
  • participants:  group ranges from undergrad education majors to a teacher with 37 years of teaching experience
  • workshop schedule: 5 days, 8:30-3:00
  • grant: paid cost of workshop (except for university credit) and $500 stipend for participants
  • principles: Joint Productive Activity (collaboration), Language and Literacy Development (sustained reading, writing, and speaking activities), Contextualization (connect to what students already know from home, school, or community), Challenging Activities (complex thinking), Instructional Conversation (goal directed conversation, higher rates of student talk than teacher talk), Critical Stance (real world context)
  • what the workshop looks like: we are active participants, we are grouped in various ways throughout the day, we reflect on each activity

I will have more of a reflection on the whole workshop later. So far, I can say I know I will have a lot of ideas and anticipate having a plan to implement them.

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5 Responses to Professional Development Moments

  1. elsie says:

    It sounds like your time will be well spent. It’s always great to learn a new way to connect and get the information to the students. Dinner theater also sounds fun. Have a great week!

  2. Jaana says:

    I SO want to be at this workshop with you!! Learning new ways to help our ELLs gain proficiency is so important. I look forward to reading more details from your training!

  3. What a busy week you are having. I hope you are learning many things that are helpful and inspiring. A week like this can be so exciting but tiring, too. Enjoy.

  4. The workshop sounds like its chocked full of great opportunities for learning! Thanks for sharing and hope you are able to share more when you’re done!

  5. nanc says:

    wow, do we all need this workshop in our district….I can’t wait to hear more xo

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