Maple in Evening Light

This week’s post began with noticing… One evening as I was sitting at home, I looked out the window into the back yard and saw a beautiful sight. Light shining through a tree (the one I’ve written about before) was making it glow, and it looked as if gold nuggets were hanging on the branches where the light found the spaces between the leaves. The image stuck in my memory, and I kept thinking about it… and thinking how to write about it.

As I sat today to write for Tuesday Slice of Life, I started jotting down a few phrases: sun shining through, evening’s golden light, the golden glow of late evening, evening falls. I thought about an haiku, but the form seemed too short. I thought of an arun or tanka, too- but I wasn’t into counting syllables. I put some of the phrases into the beginning of a poem:

As evening falls,
golden light fills the air,
Slanting beams shine through green maple leaves,
turning them golden

I stopped, thinking the same words kept coming to mind. So instead I listed some of the words that came to mind and used the thesaurus to brainstorm some different possibilities. Then I went back to my poem.

Maple in Evening light

As evening falls
a luminous glow hangs in the air,

Slanting beams gleam
through branches of the maple tree,

Transforming leafy green
into shimmering gilded leaves,

Filling the empty spaces with
dangling, brilliant nuggets of gold.

poem in process 001maple poem 001

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7 Responses to Maple in Evening Light

  1. I love your progression and how you used your tools:) That one would be so good to share with the kiddos. xo

  2. margaretsmn says:

    The end product is lovely, but I also enjoy hearing about the process. I love to write poetry, but some days you just can’t get the poem to say what you want it to say. Glad you stuck with and trusted in the process. Beautiful result!

  3. elsie says:

    The power of word choice is so evident here. Absolutely lovely!

  4. Love the finished product! The words you used painted a beautiful picture-I could imagine that tree!

  5. Ramona says:

    I love this. It’s fun to see your drafts and hear you explain your process. I love the ending -“Filling the empty spaces with dangling, brilliant nuggets of gold.” An exquisite image!

  6. Thank you for sharing your process and showing us you writer’s notebook. What a great lesson for kids to see the process you went through to create this beautiful poem.

  7. Beautiful poem – insightful process. Just today I traveled through fog for my early morning walk and knew it suggested a poem. This will encourage me to work toward that – thank you!

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