Seen While Driving to School: A List Poem

A long line of red tail lights ahead
A long line of white headlights behind
Heavy gray clouds above
The gray lanes of the freeway below
People rushing to work in cars, vans, and SUVs, like me
Truckers carrying goods across the city, state, and nation

Tall buildings of the city on one side
Rounded treetops and neighborhood roofs on the other
My exit

A homeless man with a cardboard sign
Construction workers in hard hats
A woman walking across a skybridge over the street
The monorail delivering people to the hospital
A white-haired man in a convertible with the top down
Another white-haired man pedaling a bike

A zoo billboard with a penguin and a boy in a tuxedo
Church spires and signs, calling the faithful, inviting seekers
The golden arches at McDonald’s
Two local TV stations
Long’s Donuts, Hook Fish and Chicken, and King Ribs
The turn to school

Yellow school crossing sign
Orange cones marking the car line
Cars pulling into the parking lot

Colleagues arrving, carrying books, supplies and lunches
Smiles to greet the day
Shiny hallways welcoming us back


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10 Responses to Seen While Driving to School: A List Poem

  1. Jaana says:

    I feel like I have to be more observant when I am driving to school the next time. You definitely have an eye for details. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy Rudd says:

    You noticed and noted so many beautiful details in your post…reminds of the importance of the small stuff…hope back to school went well…

  3. This poem was so much fun! I think even the little ones would love making one about getting from the playground to their classroom every morning. I want to try this early with some of the kiddos in first. It was funny that I didn’t recognize all the food places…other than that it seemed eerily similar to my drive….loved, loved it!

  4. newtreemom says:

    List Poems is one of the chapters in Poetry Mentor Texts by Rose Capelli and Lynne Dorfman. There are examples of list poems by kindergarteners , so I’m sure 1st graders would have great fun trying it out.

  5. Meg Ouellette says:

    I love the detail of all that you noticed. It was a broad range of items. Love it!

  6. elle1955 says:

    Living the life of a writer. You are doing it. Love your noticings and the details you included.

  7. newtreemom says:

    The idea of writing of the things I see driving to school had been in the back of my mind for awhile. As soon as I clicked “publish” I started thinking of things I left out!

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