The Princess Packs Up

Her Fluffiness (aka Chloe the Cat) probably thought she would be more ready when the time came again. Not so much. She and her Court Jester (Taff, the Other Cat) know the kingdom is being turned upside down again. Their princess girl has been doing that packing thing again after weeks of them being happy again with her. She’s going to be leaving the kingdom again going off to her second year of college, after a summer of a messy room, messier bathroom, and lots of comings and goings, but home every night, snuggling in her own bed.

When she goes this time, will she be gone even longer? A second year will bring more challenges, more adventures, more growing up. This time she starts the year with The Boyfriend. She’s confided they are looking forward to his birthday, her birthday, their “anniversary,” and Christmas… skipping right over Thanksgiving (when she comes back to the kingdom for Fall Break!).

In her heart, Her Fluffiness knows. That girl will always remember home. Even that clown Taff knows she loves home. (The mom knows it more than either one of them.)She will keep taking more and more steps to independence, but she will not leave behind the ones she loves. Little pieces of them go with her. And little pieces of her are with them, in their memories and their love. And in that still kind of messy room…

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7 Responses to The Princess Packs Up

  1. It’s clear you know what your role is as a parent. I know it too. But as a mom of a toddler, this caused my heart to hurt a little. I can’t imagine the strength it takes to set one’s child free with boyfriends and other comings and goings. I guess that’s why we have them at home for 18 years. All of the little moments are preparation for the big ones.

    Hope your car adjusts well to the new normal.

  2. I remember last year…princess going away and her kittie kingdom missing her…she mirrors my daughter in so many ways…you will miss…, miss her, but she will continue to always know and love home! xo

  3. elsie says:

    You are one smart mom. Home will always be a special place. I hope the cats will adjust to the new normal.

  4. Terje says:

    I like how you approached this topic. It is clear how much you love and miss your daughter. And you know that she will be back.

  5. Home, it’s the center of a life. 🙂

  6. Jaana says:

    “Little pieces of them go with her.” I will keep this in mind as my daughter will fly an ocean away in a few short weeks. Maybe even a few bigger pieces will fly with her…

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