Where We all Come From

Writing name poems is one of my favorite beginning-of-the-school-year projects, complete with photos of each other taken by the students with the digital camera and put together into a class powerpoint. This year a variation with fifth graders is the “Where I Am From” poem. My writers were skeptical and somewhat slow to get started, but many finally embraced the idea and they came up with some memorable, humorous, revealing, and some heartbreaking lines. I am sharing a few here:

Many took the idea quite literally, and wrote this, or very similar lines:
I am from a dad, grandmother, and mom family
I am from Indianapolis, Indiana

They shared the characteristics of their family members:
I am from big feet, brown eyes, and black hair
I am from freckles and funny people
I am from a small ears, big feet, and a lot of hair family
I am from short, colorful-eyed people (from a boy with indescribably beautiful
light blue-green eyes)
I am from brown eyes, black hair, and bushy eyelashes (this writer may have gotten
a little inspiration from my own poem I shared with them- I Am From Bushy

They spoke of favorite foods:
I am from good old chicken, a lot of water, pop, bar-b-q, and seafood
I am from soul food, barbecue, pizza, and pop
I am from pizza, Coca-Cola, tacos and burritos

Some had sad words:
I am from a lot of yelling
I am from the words “I don’t care” and “Leave me alone”

Many had happier words:
I am from breaking into song
I am from jokes and laughs
I am from a nice, loud, and happy family
I am from “you did a really good job” and “I’m so glad to see you”
I am from kindness
I am from “Ah, come on!” and “Really???”
I am from celebrating, making music, and having family time

One writer was so proud of her rhymes:
I was told of the long things first and the short things last,
I am tall, have little pinkie toes, and long hair that grows fast

A beautiful line:
I am from the picture of a woman fixing flowers, the graffiti wall, and the tree
house in my backyard

Most praised their families:
I am from a great family
I am from a family I will never forget

What about this little gem?
I am from readers

But I must say, this is my most favorite:
I am from Mouth of the South and Snaggle-tooth (If only you knew the author, you’d
know what an absolutely perfect line of writing this is!)


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4 Responses to Where We all Come From

  1. How fun – and such good lines! Thank you for sharing these snippets of lives past and present.

  2. Ramona says:

    I’ve wondered about trying out Where I Am From poems, but never tried them with my sixth graders. This post with the student lines is inspiring. Absolutely love the line – I am from readers!

  3. elsie says:

    So much is revealed through the lines students share. What a great community builder as it helps them realize that they aren’t so different from each other.

  4. Terje says:

    Thank you for sharing. It’s great that there was such a variety. I think in years to come it will be fun for the students to look back and see what they chose to write in grade 5.

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