Words to Keep

Here are some phrases I jotted down after the drive home one evening… words to keep for later… hints of things I want to say

Driving home in the evening
Sun plays hide and seek in my mirror
Slanting rays of evening sun behind me
Splotches of light and shadow on the trees
Windows of city buildings lit with a fiery glow
Air magically charged
Light diffused and shadowy
Traffic signals oddly bright
Reflective signs eerily glimmer
Dark clouds hang low
Driving toward rain
Driving in the in-between
A curtain of gray dropping from the clouds
Wind ruffles the leaves on trees
Green sides of leaves blown back, silvery sides exposed
The long shadow of my car zooms across the road
Gray clouds turned rose with backlit silvery lining

And on another day…

With such a blue, blue sky, why isn’t blue everyone’s favorite color?
Light, white, bright floating clouds
Crisp blue and white reflected in the mirrored windows of a skyscraper
Fall is in the air!
Surrounded by sunshine
The sky smiles
Clarity in the light


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7 Responses to Words to Keep

  1. janemartyn says:

    This is wonderful- it really is amazing how you can see poetry everywhere if you take the time, isn’t it?

  2. Linda Baie says:

    Lovely thoughts captured! I like this one a lot: “With such a blue, blue sky, why isn’t blue everyone’s favorite color?” Exactly!!

  3. Ramona says:

    Wonderful phrases! I love the line – “Driving in the in-between.” Do you stop to write them down?

  4. What beautiful thoughts that you wove into poetry. Lovely noticing.

  5. Paul says:

    Taking note is simple, but we need to focus to do it — and when we do, we see just how many ideas there are out there! I’d love to see where things would go if you wrote “Driving toward rain” at the top of a page and then just drove to wherever the line would lead…

  6. Terje says:

    I love the line “the sky smiles.” Saying the phrases over and over sounded probably like music.

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