Small Town America in Autumn

Tall, very old trees line the streets-
Thick, sturdy trunks and
branches holding hands above,
colorful, showy leaves fluttering down,
carpeting curbs, sidewalks and yards.

Houses, white with green trim,
red brick, and stone, with
Wide welcoming porches,
Pumpkins on the steps of one,
Mums in clay pots on another,
Stars and Stripes proudly displayed

Churches with steeples and bells,
Businesses in repurposed historic buildings
With quaint names,
Parks with paths and playgrounds,
Festivals with crafts and food and fun.

Nearby on the interstate highway,
cars fly by at 70 miles an hour,
malls and fast food chains
take over cornfields and family farms,
but in small town America
people still stroll on sidewalks
and sit on the porch with neighbors
and hear the church bells ring.

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7 Responses to Small Town America in Autumn

  1. elsie says:

    You describe a lovely bit of America. It is so sad more people don’t get to live this life.

  2. janemartyn says:

    Thank you for this- I just moved to the country from the city and can’t imagine living anywhere else!

  3. Leigh Anne says:

    This could be my hometown!

  4. Dana Murphy says:

    This is lovely. I love the juxtaposition of the world you describe at the ending. I love small towns. 🙂 The image of “showy leaves” is going to stay with me for a long time!

  5. I am walking down this street and seeing everything you describe as I walk by. It leaves me contented with a sense of calm.

  6. marykatbpcsc45 says:

    Really wonderful autumn picture in words. I can see the scenes you are painting on written canvas. Beautiful.

  7. I was right there in that town as I read your well chosen words! It sounds like where I live. The tall trees that you started with are so important. As our community grows, builders are adding well-planned areas with houses just like the ones you described. But they can’t bring in those trees. They speak of age, and protection, and comfort. The real heart of a town. Perfect!

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