Fall Break List

Just went back to school yesterday after our TWO WEEK Fall Break…here’s my list of highlights to hold onto when I need that “I’m on break” feeling, when I get caught up in “I’m so tired”…

Read whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted…finished 10 books, abandoned a couple
Wrote on SOLSC Tuesday both weeks (don’t want a break from this) and spent a lot of time reading slices
Met friends for lunch (the talking lasted from 11:30 til 3:00 at one lunch)
Cleaned the carpet (good to get it off the to-do list)
Drove back and forth to ISU for my tree-girl to come home for a weekend
Drove back and forth to take her to my sister’s place in the country so they could ride their horses
Found out what she wanted and shopped for her birthday, sent surprises with her to open on the big day (her 20th!)
Went to the movies twice with my sister (and she gave me some awesome belated birthday presents)
Visited Brown County, Indiana’s fall destination to see autumn leaves, with my mom
Viewed the Matisse exhibit at the IMA (if you are close to Indy, try to come, it’s great!)
Switched my closet from spring/summer clothes to fall/winter clothes
Watched daytime TV
Shopping (new purse, new shoes, a few new clothes)
Wrote lesson plans (is there ever a break from this?!?!?!)
Mowed the lawn (almost time for a break from this- yeah!)
Slept late after staying up late most days
Enjoyed “Singing in the Rain” with the Indianapolis Symphony playing the sound track
Led Bible study group on Sunday mornings
Stayed up way past midnight the night before returning to school watching the epic Colts/Broncos War of 1812 on Sunday Night
Football and watched the Colts WIN!!!

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6 Responses to Fall Break List

  1. nanc says:

    We were watching the War of 1812…somehow, we always root for a Manning, however:) Two weeks sounds awesome right about now! I’m glad Indiana values this wonderful season. xo

  2. Terje says:

    What a great break. Sleeping, reading, spending time with my family and friends are on top of my fall break list. One week seems so short.

  3. Dana Murphy says:

    Wow! What a wonderful list! Isn’t it great to capture it in words and see how much enjoyment you had?? I’m jealous… I so miss having time to read.

  4. Linda Baie says:

    Wow-two weeks-you are a lucky teacher. We don’t have a fall break, but do have two, in February & late March. It seems you had a marvelous time, of things you just wanted to do, and things on “the” list. Satisfaction!!

  5. Jaana says:

    I am a little envious; I only had three days off last week. Two weeks off to do whatever I want to do–that sounds so much fun! I think you are gifted in squeezing in so much fun into do few days. Stay refreshed!

  6. elsie says:

    That’s the way to fill a break! Mostly full of fun, with a sprinkling of chores. I must change over the closet this week. It’s always with trepidation that I pull out the slacks and wonder if they will still fit.

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