Blight and Beauty

Along a city street stand buildings, once proud-
where well-known businesses thrived,
marked by iconic signs-
Repurposed now, with signs painted over,
mocked by the recognizable past, or
Abandoned and empty, windows broken, boarded,
fences collapsing and yards unkempt.

In the same block stand trees, still proud-
formerly, only saplings
offering little shade but holding future promise-
Mature now, with solid trunks,
and overarching leafy branches-
a shady refuge in summer and
a dazzling spectacle in autumn.

Blight and beauty, coexisting-
Seen in a moment’s time, yet impressing in heart and mind
a more lasting message-
If your heart is open, if you take notice,
Grace is given,
Loveliness can be found,
Hope is ever present…

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7 Responses to Blight and Beauty

  1. Beautiful! I love the line “Blight and beauty…”

  2. arjeha says:

    “Hope is ever present” – how true.

  3. Tara Smith says:

    Blight and beauty, coexisting-
    Really, really love this line.

  4. Jaana says:

    Blight and beauty, coexisting- and -Hope is ever present…
    These lines remind me about Detroit!

  5. You and I seem to be echoing with some of observations (sunrise and hope). It is no wonder your words always seems to resound with me.

  6. Like others, the mixing of the words blight and beauty on the same line really moved me. It’s hard to imagine those co-existing, but so often they do. Often if we push ourselves to look for the beauty in the darkness we can see more clearly.

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