A Little Guidance, Please

One room at our school is known as GLC- Guided Learning Center. It is not a place where students enjoy spending the day. In GLC, you stay in your seat all day. You are not allowed to talk. You must work the entire time you are there. Your name is on the board, and if you break the rules, you get a mark by your name. If you get 5  marks, you will spend another day in GLC. At the end of the day, you will get a note for your parents to sign- if you do not bring it back the next day, you will spend another day in GLC.

One of my duties during the school day is to cover GLC while the staff member in charge has a lunch break. On a recent day, a phone call was transferred to GLC, and a parent asked to speak to her child…

A whiny voice starts a litany of excuses and complaints against her classmates. Then there is a quiet pause, followed by a series of “Yes, ma’ams.” The call ended with a calm, sweet voice saying, almost in a whisper, “Love you, too.”

Hearing just one side of the conversation, I still felt so encouraged. A child made a mistake, a poor choice, but she was not allowed to make excuses or to blame others. She would have to accept the consequence. But she was assured of her mother’s love.

A little guidance and a lot of love- exactly what “our kids,” all of them, really need.

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4 Responses to A Little Guidance, Please

  1. Wow, what a cool story, a child’s excuses, and a mother’s love. Thank you for sharing this.
    You saw something beautiful.

  2. bigtimeliteracy says:

    Love this! It’s okay to make mistakes….but not excuses. and a mother always sends love.
    BigTime Literacy

  3. elsie says:

    Interesting the way the voice changed through the conversation. Hopefully she will never visit that room again.

  4. loraleebain says:

    Felt like I could hear the phone conversation with you. :0)

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