You Never Know What They’ll Write

After writing with a fourth grade class and reading the “list of ten” each student had written about a family member, I stopped by to share a particularly unique entry with our principal:

“Mr. P,” I asked, “do you know G in Room 13?”

“Quiet kid? Never in trouble?” he responded.

“That’s him,” I said. “Don’t ever make his dad mad.”

“Why’s that?”

“His dad can kill a deer with a machete!”

You just never know what they’ll write!

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9 Responses to You Never Know What They’ll Write

  1. elsie says:

    Gotta love the things they share!

  2. Dana Murphy says:

    ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh! So true, you never know what they’ll write!

  3. Your principal…very clever, very funny! xo

  4. Jordann Kay says:

    This is hilarious! 🙂 One thing I love about teaching is that you never know what your students will say or do. It sure keeps you on your toes!

  5. Adrienne says:

    Watch out for the quiet ones!
    It is true. It can be enlightening and terrifying if it is you they are writing about. I wonder what his dad would say about that?

  6. glimpse of something says:

    The things that little ones say. Priceless!!

  7. What an awesome writing prompt! How insightful, too! Love that you shared this with your principal!

  8. Donna Smith says:

    I loved hearing the other side of those stories when you have parent conferences!

  9. Jaana says:

    This is what keeps teaching interesting!

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