White Bright: SOLSC2014

Gazing out the window on this still-winter March day, I see the sun shining. The white snow on the rooftops of the houses is so bright! White bright in contrast to the dirty dull snow on the roads. The white bright snow gives me such a bright, good feeling, it got me to thinking- what else could I look for to get this same feeling?

How about…
snowflakes drifting through the air
snow clinging to tree branches
snow-capped mountains
clouds in a blue sky
stars and moon shining in the night
a white picket fence surrounding a yard of green, green grass
a newly painted white house
a just-washed white car
a little girl in a frilly white dress
a little boy in a white shirt and tie
a beautiful bride (like my nephew’s bride will be in May)
white patent leather Mary Janes (and remembering how my daughter called them snappy shoes)
gleaming white columns standing tall in front of the church

Just to name a few…

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8 Responses to White Bright: SOLSC2014

  1. newtreemom says:

    P.S. While eating lunch, it occurred to me I should have included on the list- queso blanco with frijoles negros (white cheese with black beans)…

  2. BoydenAmy says:

    I enjoyed the imagery.

  3. arjeha says:

    Love your PS. How about the bright white smile of someone happy to see you?

  4. ahh…we lived for Mary Jane’s back in the day…I used to have patent leather dreams…right now I’m looking at the snow and clouds with the houses in the middle…thank goodness the sun is still shining. xo

  5. Jaana says:

    White chocolate on a pretzel!

  6. What a lovely list as I visualised each image. This might be fun to do with different colors.

  7. Loved the way you went from the captivating whiteness of snow into the other white sights that bless our vision. The Mary Janes made me smile. My favorite white is those dancing sparks of light as the sun reflects off the water. Ahhh, for those warm (hot!) summer days!

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