Is the World in Your Heart?

Martin U

In the mornings, on my way to school, I pass this university. In the center of the main building is a large glass and steel structure in the shape of the globe. It seems so appropriate that the whole world should be at the heart of education. It reminds me to hold the world in my heart.

I remember the feelings of curiosity and excitement of learning about other countries, cultures, and customs as a child. My real introduction to the world, to geopgraphy and culture was not in school, but in church. I learned about the people, landmarks, and food of other countries from the stories of missionaries and the work they were doing around the world. I tried phrases from other languages, tasted new foods, tried on different clothes, and heard about how people lived around the world. I began to love people in places I had never been and to hope that one day I could travel to those places and meet people there. I wanted to learn another language to communicate with them and understand their lives. When I studied geography and history at school, I had a lot of background knowledge and was ready to learn more. When we began Spanish lessons in third grade, I was enchanted and continued studying the language all the way through school, into college.

I have had opportunities to travel to and even lived in other countries. I have studied together with and worked with people from other cultures. I have enjoyed having people from many other nations visit in my home. When I hear news from around the world, I can picture where other countries are on the globe. I enjoy music from all around the globe. I have experienced the brain fatigue of spending extended time trying to communicate in another language and the exhiliration of communicating at a deeper level with someone in another language. I have been in situations that were unfamiliar and a little scary in other countries, and I have had many lovely and enjoyable experiences in other countries. I believe all of this has expanded my personal world. I still am curious about the world and get excited learning about it.

So I ask, is the world in your heart? With all my heart, I hope so!

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7 Responses to Is the World in Your Heart?

  1. Kam Plasek says:

    Now you have me thinking…is the world really in my heart? Or is my heart’s scope narrow? Am I “America” focused? And, if I am, is that ok? How can I expand my heart if it does not already encompass the world?

  2. LauraM. says:

    Great post! I think that when we are able to learn about other cultures and countries in a way that reminds us that there are real people there, we become more connected to what we learn. Rather than just learning facts about a place, we are gaining insight about how other people think. Rather than just learning how to translate words from our native tongue into another language, we are creating a knowledge bank that will allow us to communicate with others. I, like you, learned much about the world through meeting missionaries at my home church and from participating in missions trips to various places around the world. Those are experiences that have truly changed me! Thanks for the reminder to keep the world at the center of our hearts! =)

  3. arjeha says:

    I have never traveled abroad. I’m sure the fact that I don’t like to fly played a big part in this. I agree that the whole world should be at the heart of education. The shape of the globe itself, just like King Arthur’s round table, shows that no one place is more important than any other. We are all connected.

  4. Lisa Keeler says:

    I love how you bring this piece full circle, from seeing the globe shaped structure on your drive, to how the world is in your own heart, to opening up that possibility with a question for the rest of us to consider.

  5. I love the structure of this piece. And the play on words that you use at the end. The world is my heart and seeing more of the world is in my soul. Thanks for posting.

  6. Valerie says:

    Inspiring post!

  7. Jaana says:

    I believe that the world is in my heart! Travelling the world, learning new languages and learning about the places where visiting or living, has enriched my life enormously.

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