Continuing Saga of Her Fluffiness and the Court Jester

Her Fluffiness (aka Chloe the cat) and the Court Jester (aka Taff the cat) have been quite confused lately. They have become accustomed to the long disappearances of their princess. Lately, though, they have been left alone a lot. The princess’ mother (they don’t recognize her as queen, more like servant) has been away in other kingdoms (helping family members who need her right now). She drops by just for a few minutes- at least she cleans the litter box, sets out plenty of fresh water, and keeps the food dishes filled with kibbles. Her Fluffiness hides until her can of chicken and gravy is served. She doesn’t care if any humans besides her girl are around or not. The Court Jester comes running, though, and gets in every cuddle he can. He craves human companionship and demands a lap to sit on and someone to pet him.

Neither the feline royalty nor the joker suspects it yet, but they will be in seventh heaven tonight. The princess is coming home for a week. They will get in a lot of snuggle time as the princess sleeps in every day. However, they may not get all the attention they hope for. A boyfriend person will be around to whisk her away. She will be out visiting the local princesses (aka other friends home on break). She will be out and about depleting the royal treasury with her shopping sprees.

Her Fluffiness and the Court Jester appreciate whatever time they get and love the confidences shared, though, just like the princess’ mother will. Even if they occasionally rub each other the wrong way as they navigate the changing relationship. The love is always there.

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5 Responses to Continuing Saga of Her Fluffiness and the Court Jester

  1. arjeha says:

    Cute post. We have a “His Sirness” who thinks the world revolves around him. His two housemates don’t agree with him.

  2. Julie says:

    Lovely! I adore the line about depleting the royal treasury. Hope her highness manages to spend a little time with the Queen!

  3. Ahhh…yes Her Fluffiness and the princess…always a good story there. Enjoy the visit with your daughter!

  4. jaclynfre says:

    This sounds like spring break time!! Being home after independence has such a wide-reaching effect on various members of the family who are affected by the absence. This voice is adorable and haughty or adorably haughty. Fun to read.

  5. loraleebain says:

    Love it! So fun to read!

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